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  Lord, have mercy; for we have placed all our hopes in Thee


For His Mercy Endureth Forever.

136 th Psalm of David


It is of the Lord's mercies we are not consumed.  Lam. 3:22 



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Words from the Father 

   Pastor's Conference 7/30/08    

Pastor's Conference  7/16/08



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  Don & Bonnie Franklin @ Ignited Church, June 24, 2009

 We welcome you to view this service as Don & Bonnie Franklin minister at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida about their Call to Germany, the Resurgence of Patriotic Christianity in America , and the Trials of Job we face as Christians, with prophetic ministry at the close of the service.


  This is a Maverick Nation  This nation will become a maverick nation, saith the Lord. It will rebel against the World Order. It will rebel against the hand of the Antichrist. It will rebel against what is coming upon the nations of this planet, and this nation will stand as the very armor bearer of God and resist the evil that is coming.

   There is another Visitation Coming  You are entering into the realm of the Seraphim and Cherubim and in that realm there is no defeat, there is no disease, there is no sickness that can stand before the presence of an Almighty God.

   Winds of Change are Upon the Church  "I’m bringing it back into the end-time Church that I have so long desired. You have no idea how the heart of God desires to see the signs, the wonders, the miracles..." ~ prophecy by Don Franklin

   The Trail of Tears   "The path of leadership is not an escalator. It’s rough. Your hands and feet will bleed. At times you have to take shelter. At times you will see your dear ones by your side fall, but know that even in all of this you are in my hand..."  ~ Bonnie Franklin

   An Intimate Relationship with the Almighty   Your relationship with Me everyday is the most important thing on this planet.  I'm calling you do draw aside and to intensify that relationship with Me and as you do I'm going to speak to you, and whisper to you, and show you things.  

   You will Walk in Fields of Gold  "Come unto me and I will renew you and invigorate you and give you hope and strength, and you will walk above the filth of this world.  You will walk in clouds of glory.  You will walk in fields of gold with the Lord.  Your armament will be shining and your sword will cut through the darkest of darkness..." ~ Don Franklin

   Do not Mistake Burdens for Depression  "Come to the House of God and walk and talk and pray and intercede.  Do not pull back because you are heavy in spirit.  But come down and deliver your soul and God will refresh you and God will reward you for your faithfulness..."

   Armies of Judeao-Christian Soldiers   "There's a day coming when you will see the armies of the Judeao- Christian soldiers gathered together.  You will see the flag of the lion, the flag of the eagle and the star of David united.  And even if the whole world steps back and it's but these three, they will stand against the enemy.  They will not let Jerusalem be taken!  And they will greet the King of Kings..."

   Church of Germany & the Surrounding Kingdoms  "And the Lord did speak unto me saying, “The Spirit of the Lord desires to move in all of Germany and the surrounding countries. Europe is ripe for a fresh touch from the Lord, the Church of Germany, and even the Church of Europe and the surrounding kingdoms..."

   Angel of the Morning  "May the Angel of the morning come and awaken each one of us and call us to prayer.  Call us to put on the battle armaments early; call us to sharpen our swords, our spears, our shields early in the Lord.  We welcome the Angel of the morning that brings the plans of God for the day..."        

   The Courtroom and the Lamb  “Our righteousness is as filthy rags in your sight.  We avail ourselves of the Blood of the Lamb putting on his robes of white.  We cover ourselves in his blood and his righteousness.” 

   The Holy Spirit inspects His Troops   "Up and down the lines He went dismissing this one and that one.  Generals were retired and young privates and captains were given promotions, for in the next campaign, the Holy Spirit of God needed troops who were with Him one hundred percent..."

   New Mantles for a New Church    "A timeline has been crossed and that which was birthed in the late fifties has come to a screeching halt and an end and a demarcation line has been drawn in the sand by God.  That which was of that generation is over..."

   The Church in Combat  "Many of your battles are connected with the worldwide struggle going on right now for this planet.  You, at the Church, are in combat. You’re in combat against powers of darkness..."  

  The Holy Spirit and the Fountain of Healing  The Spirit of the Lord was riding upon a river springing forth from a beautiful fountain on earth.  There were voices of songs coming forth from it as the worshippers sang unto the Lord...  by Bonnie Franklin 

   I Created you for Fellowship  "I love your fellowship.  Do not forget to fellowship with the Lord.  I can handle the problems of the earth.  I can handle the rising and fallings of the nations, but I love to hear from you..."

  The Fierceness of the Islamic Sword  "Do not let our enemies swallow us, God.  Do not let the fierceness of the Islamic sword come against us, dear God.  Our only hope is you.  Our only defense is you."  

  Judge between us and Ishmael   Judge between the two of us.  Our nation is at stake.  Our children are at stake, God.  Bring this unruly prince to the ground, we pray.  Lord, bring him to the bar of justice, Father..."   

  Islam & Christianity - a Clash between two Forces  "Will you mount up on the horse of the Holy Spirit and will you ride against the powers of Islam?  Will you ride with the armies of light against the armies of darkness?  This is indeed a clash between two forces on this earth..." 

  The Turmoil in America & Israel   "Mine archenemy does hate these two countries because they are countries, which were birthed by the Spirit of God, dedicated unto the God Jehovah-Jireh. That does not mean there will not be bloodshed but it is holy blood in my sight and they are welcomed into my heavenly arms..."  




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