Christian Prayers & words, which were inspired by the Holy Spirit in times of  deep intercession which are often followed by a prophetic  response from the Lord.


Times of Intercession



blstar4.gif (1362 bytes)An Evening with God   "You are going to become as it has been said already, Swans together in a Lake. I will cause you to glide across the waters of God in prayer, and you will begin to spend hours, and hours, and hours communing..."

An Ocean of Intercessors  "I am going to weld you together where you are like an ocean; you can't tell one drop from the other. All you will see is the ocean of intercessors, the ocean of anointing, the ocean of unity, saith God..."  by Don Franklin

Angels at the Altar of Intercession    "On this altar My wind of revival will blow, blowing the embers from this altar into the uttermost parts of the earth.  Where they land revival will burst into flame..." ~ a prophecy from Chad Taylor 

Come be Light Bearers for Me "Have mine angels not collected the many thousands of millions of tears, which have wept here and across the nation?  Oh come, my children. Come to the heart of your Father that you could receive healing..." by Bonnie Franklin

Come Intercede for America "The blood that was shed on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Choiseul, Vella LaVella, Europe, Asia was for the freedom of the Gospel and the freedom for the men and women of this world! "

The Cry of the Righteous  "Come boldly before the Throne of grace and make known those petitions that are arising from your hearts." ~  by Don Franklin

Cry out to God  "I will deliver you! I will make a way for you! You are not tied to the destiny of those who are failing. You are tied to the call of God upon your life!"

 Let the Churchills Rise in the Church  "God, raise up the warriors you've been preparing to defend freedom once again, to stand around this planet and block tyranny and evil as it rises. For surely we stand as Churchill stood watching the rise of Hitler knowing what was coming."  ~ a prophetic prayer by Don Franklin

The Destiny & Direction of our Nation "God, raise up patriots once again.  And if a "revolutionary war" must come then let it come in the spirit for we will fight under the flag of our God and our King. Once again may we see the flag of Christ and his banner lifted up high above the Capital of this Nation and across this land...

Feet that know the Pathway of the Lord  "These are feet that have been pierced. These are bloody feet. These are feet that know the agony of crucifixion. These are feet that know the pathway of the Lord. These are feet that know when to kneel in prayer..." 

May peace guide his steps "Lord, I believe you will speak to him in the night hour even as you spoke to Lincoln as he walked those very halls, that youll give him dreams.  And though hes new to Washington, hes not new to hearing from you.  May peace guide his steps and the Lord go with him and go before him..."

The Ministry of Intercession  "You are called to stand as a minister at my altar.   You are called to stand in-between Heaven and earth praying, asking for the remission of sin, asking God to grant mercy, to be kind and merciful to his people and to his Church..."  by Don Franklin  

The Ministry of Mary    "I’m calling you to come aside with Me and to set up a time of private intercession with Me. Not even for the ministry, not even for anything, but to commune with Me, and to grow in Me, and to be loved by Me..."

Open up Altars of Intercession "We thank you for releasing angels to stir up fires of intercession in America..." - a prayer by Don Franklin  

Pour out Grace & Mercy  "We ask for remission of sins for the body.  Lord, wash us, cleanse us, forgive us.  Lord, forgive us.  Pour out your blood, your mercy.  We're praying, we're asking for mercy, Lord.

  Pray for the Church that is to Come   "I call you to battle this discontent, to battle this complacency, to battle this boredom and backsliding with fervent prayer to God from your hearts for the release of the Church that is to come." a prophecy by Don Franklin

  Pray for America  "Since when can't America be forgiven, Lord? Since when can't the sins of this Nation be covered? Turn our hearts to prayer. Turn our hearts to National repentance. Turn our hearts to pleading the Blood of Christ for our sins..."

Pray for Your Nation "If you will seek remittance, if you will seek mercy for this Nation, I will respond..."

Pray until the Peace Comes  "There is no power on Heaven or earth that can separate you from my love.  Cry out to the Lord of the living.  I will hear your prayers; I will hear your cries..."

Restore the Leadership of the House of David  "Give us men after the heart of God.  Give us men who know how to walk in the Spirit.  Give us men who know how to prophesy, men who know how to move in healing, men who know how to preach the doctrines of the Holy Ghost and of freedom in Christ..." 

Run to the Cleft and Commune with your Saviour   "There are some things in this life and on this planet that you will not be able to change. And all you can do is hold unto God in strength, hold unto God in power, and let His joy carry you through this..."

We Bring this Nation to the Mercy Seat of God  "Put the cry for mercy in the hearts of the Americans, that they would be on their knees and that they would avail themselves of the Mercy Seat of God.  Yes, the Law has been broken, but mercy is greater than the Law, the blood is greater than the Law, the blood is greater than our sins in this nation..."   

We call forth your Prophetic Judges  "They say that our country here is being ruled by judges. Well, I pray that the supernatural spiritual judges of God would come forth..." 

Welcome into the Army of Intercessors "Oh, where are my Davids?  Where are my Deborahs?  Im calling you forth to pick up your swords.  Im calling you forth to pick up your stones and your slingshots and pray, and pray, and pray. Do you know how much you can stop in your prayers?..."

You are a Samuel Company   "This is not a move birthed in the heart and the mind of a man or a group, but this is the heartbeat of God Almighty. This is the anointing of the Lord; this is the will of the Holy Ghost in this time and this hour that he would turn his intercessors into flames of fire ..."

You will Walk in Fields of Gold  "Come unto me and I will renew you and invigorate you and give you hope and strength, and you will walk above the filth of this world.  You will walk in clouds of glory.  You will walk in fields of gold with the Lord.  Your armament will be shining and your sword will cut through the darkest of darkness..."


Prophetic Roundtable  

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