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a   PROPHECYline_thin_gold.gif (936 bytes)
A Spirit of Friendship 
A Deep Well of Love for the Lost
A Great Love
A Major Battle over Washington D.C.
A Praying Nation
A Tender and a Kind Church
The Agony of Walking with the Savior
America and Israel in Turmoil
An Evening with God
An Ocean of Intercessors
Angels of God are Marching
Anoint this Nation for War!
The Baptism of Suffering
The Battle of the Army of God
Be Thankful Children
Benjamin Netanyahu
Bring Me your Christmas Lists
Call upon the Name of the Lord
The Center of the Bible is the Love of God
Change is Coming to the Church
Christened a House of Prayer
The Church that is to come
The Church of Germany and Europe
The Clash between Islam & Christianity
Church Remain Silent No Longer
Come to Rest in Christ
Come relax on the Father's lap
Come and Sit with Me in High Places
The Cry of the Righteous
Cry out to God
Deep calls unto deep
Discouragement & Problems come Horizontally
Do not touch your Brother's Call
Don't Compare yourself to others
The Ears of the Heart
The Faithful Elder
Feet that know the Pathway of the Savior
The Fullness of the Messiahship
The Glory of the Lord
Germany, I've heard your Prayers
Go into the Ministry of Mary
Great Cataclysm is Coming; I'm calling for 24hr Prayer
Great Joy in the House of Prayer
The Great Masquerade of God
The Hammer of God will hit the Altar of God
The Harp & the Sword
He may wear my Holy Mantle
The Heart of David
The Horses of God are Unleashed
I am with you
I Call you to Stand
I Created you for Fellowship
I Have seen a Joshua
I'll send you more fire
I'm Calling my Christian Soldiers
I'm calling the sons of this nation to fight
I'm going to Anoint this Nation for war
In the Coming Days, what can you Trust in?
Islam & Christianity
I've come to Florida to pick a fight
Joy of the Lord in the Midst of Problems
Leadership of the Holy Spirit is coming
Let the Banners Wave
Let the Churchills rise in the Church
Living the Walk of Christ
The Love of God becomes the Flame of the Church
The Love of God in Motion
The Mantle of God is Falling....Who's gonna Catch it?
The Marks of Crucifixion
Mel Gibson's Passion
The Ministry of Intercession
The Miracle of Time
My Son of Healing Comes
New Mantles for a New Church
The Obedience Factor
Obedience is the Key to Ministry
Order in the Body of Christ
Our Secret Place
Pawns on the Chessboard of God
The Parable of the Basket Weaving
Pour it down from Tampa to Daytona
Pray for those in Seats of Power
Pray until the Peace Comes
Promotion comes from the Lord
Prophets in Washington
The Prophets'  Joy shall come
Reconciliation of the House of Israel
Repent while there is yet time
Run to the Cleft and Commune with the Savior
The Secret to walking in his great power
The Shepherd of Israel is  Coming to the Churches
Simba, no one can take your kingdom
Spiritual Victory
The Sovereignty of God
Stop Struggling with the Ministry
A Street called Straight
Tap the Well of Love
There is a Future for you
The Suffering of the Messiah
There will be Light in Washington
The Trails of Life
The Ultimate Judge
The Valley of Sacrifice
 Vengeance of God is Falling
Wait but awhile longer
Walk by the Word
Welcome into the Army of Intercessors
When the Storms come
Where the Reward Lies
Who am I?
The Winds of Change
Would you have a David or a Saul?
You are a Samuel Company
You can do Anything you see in the Bible
You Isles of Ireland
You must Endure as He endured
You will not be abandoned in your old age
Your Job is to Worship Me

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The Altars of Intercession
Angel of the Morning
Avenging Angels of the Lord
Come be Light Bearers
Come Intercede for America
The Destiny of the Nation
The Fierceness of the Islamic Sword
 Judge Between us and Ishmael 
Pour out your Grace & Mercy
Pray for the Nation
May peace guide his steps
The Ministry of Intercession
New Life New Fires
Release Chariots of Fire
Restore the Leadership of David
Send Houses of Freedom to America
Send the Angels to George W.
Send your Constitutional Angels
Send your Prophetic Judges
There will be light in Washington
We  Bring this Nation to the Mercy Seat
  VISIONS & DREAMSline_thin_gold.gif (936 bytes)

    a Courtroom and the Lamb
A Crown of Kingship
A Dream of the Miraculous 
A Volcano bursts forth
Angels from the Altar of the National Cathedral
Angelic Intelligence Agency
Armies of Judeo-Christian Soldiers
Billy Graham's homecoming
The Bridge to God's Mountain
The Devil's Boardroom
From a heart of prayer for Paul Cain
The Golden Church
He shall be a Knight for Me
The Holy Spirit & the fountain of healing
The Holy Spirit inspects his troops
The Holy Spirit's Flaming Chariot of Fire over D.C.
The Holy Spirit & the well of living water
I Saw the Angel Michael
Intercession 24/7
Is another attack imminent upon America
The Throne of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is walking with men
Now is the Time
Reagan's Hat & Mantle
Singing with Angels
The Sons of Liberty are Riding
Underground River of God
Yes, the Attacks are Coming
  POEMS & PARABLESline_thin_gold.gif (936 bytes)


A Little Garden of Eden
A Man of Destiny
A Prayer for Two
A Queen named Esther had a Son
An Uncrowned Prince
Bush's Bodyguard Angel
Come Dream the Dreams of God
Come Hear the Almighty Sing
Come Spend Christmas with the Lord
Epitaph of a King
Eternal God of my Dreams
Father's Day
The Father of your Dreams
For the Parents of Columbine
The Galleries of God
The Greatest Treasure
The Healers 
It's only Jesus we'll seek after
The Land of the Prophets
The Love of your dreams
Mother & Daughter will once again meet
On this day, on Father's Day
The Pathway of Dreams
The Spirit of Cain
The Story of the White Horse
Taylor Gold
There is no one Righteous, no not one
The Time of the Prophets

DEVOTIONALS & TEACHING line_thin_gold.gif (936 bytes)

Activate your prayer army
Prepare your hearts for the changes of God
The Holy Spirit within us
Muslims gather for daily prayer why not Christians
Muslims seeing visions of Jesus
Praying in the midnight hours
Spirit Mates
Times of Intercession
Walk the Paths of Righteousness

Prophetic Roundtable  

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