Prophetic Poems

These poetic writings are birthed out of times with the Lord in order to bring strength and comfort to God's children.

button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) A Little Garden of Eden   

      "And so a little Garden of Eden you are tilling unto Me and there will I come and walk and dwell there with thee..." A Christian poem dealing with marriage by Bonnie Franklin 

  A Queen named Esther had a son

       "A Queen named Esther did have a son and called him John the Master's son, for as her child she did give him back to the Lord in His service to live..." A prophetic poem by Bonnie Franklin

  A Prayer for Two

      "And you’ve sent these two forth together to be bonded forever ‘til Heaven as they live here on earth as two disciples of the Father a son & daughter of true heavenly worth..." ~  A religious poem about marriage 

 button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) An Uncrowned Prince  

       This little boy we had come to know Jackie's little John John - a prince from long ago Born into another land, another place, another time Born into a family we loved - a home which was frozen in time..."   ~ An American poem about JFK Jr.

  Come dream the Dreams of God 

        "Come now with Me and dream the dreams of God as they are now being awakened within thee. Dare again, my son to dream once again.  For these dreams are of God and not of men..."  ~ An inspirational poem by Bonnie Franklin

button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) Come hear the Almighty Sing


        "Do you not feel within the oceans' roar the Almighty's tunes -  tunes of the "Master Orchestrator" the greatest songwriter of all? Come hear the songs of the Angels in the choirs above. Come listen as the soloists of Heaven do sing; Come hear the tunes the earth does need..." ~ A prophetic poem dedicated to Michael W. Smith  

  Come spend Christmas with the Lord

     "How many wishes and how many things does God have there for you? The Angels are ready; God's presents are waiting.  He just needs some of earth's servants to prepare for the undertaking..." ~  A Christian poem by Bonnie Franklin

Eternal God of my Dreams 

    "For you are one who has come up daily unto my side and without fear and trembling have knelt here by my side and said, "Papa, what is on your mind and heart today... " 

button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes)   Father of your Dreams 

       "And come away, my Beloved Come loose yourself in Me I'm the One that you're looking for I'm the One that you seek The Jehovah Almighty Is the One for thee You need not fear For I've got great love for thee.  Come let us talk and turn back time Come know Me as Enoch Come be a friend of Mine..." ~

  The Galleries of God


      "Come spend some time with the Creator of All, The Master Craftsman, the Artist who outshines them all; For each night and each day I paint a world of beauty yet all that you see and all that you behold is just a glimmer of the wonder of Heaven - a place you'll one day call home..." ~  A religious poem by B. Franklin 

button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) The Healers

  "What do you see as you stand before the millions ministering for Me? What do you hear as you see the falling tears of a mother, a son, a friend with her loved one..." ~ A Christian poem dedicated to Pastor Benny Hinn

Mother & Daughter will once again meet

   "And one day soon after we kneel and pray and turn out the light, we’ll wake up in His glory alive with eternal life beholding once more our loved ones we adored..." 

  It's Only Jesus

    "For it we truly love Him above all these things: prophecies and Angels, visions and dreams, then He need not fear that we'd love the gifts more for we'd cherish the Giver for He is our Lord..." ~      A religious poem

 button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) The Pathway of Dreams

       "For this day I am calling John the Baptist to rise take up his staff, and look to the Heavens and the skies for his strength and his substance and his bread of life; Come now, I'm calling, come give me your life..." ~ An inspirational poem

  button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) There is no one, no not one

     "Only your God can make beautiful rainbows from the storms of Hell's fury and cause the sun to shine again."  ~  An inspirational poem

For the Parents of Columbine 

       "Oh daughters of Eve, how your hearts must grieve for the warmth and the love of the child that you bore - a child so full of life and love, a child you and your loved ones adored..." 

button star flashing ladylike2.gif (708 bytes) The Spirit of Cain 

     "It seems that we all have lost our innocence and our childhood dreams in a day, as the reports were broadcast nationwide of the children who were slain by the spirit of Cain..." ~  A Christian poem concerning the killings in Columbine

   The Time of the Prophets


      "They say that the time of the prophets has come to an end that men having dreams & visions & revelations is all pretend, But the Father would say, to look to His Son; was He not the most gifted? Was He not the most prophetic one..."  ~ A prophetic poem


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