Prophecy for Today: Words received under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during times of prayer and intercession


Featuring prophecy from the Prophetic Roundtable with Don & Bonnie Franklin    

Words from the Father  
Prophecy given to individuals and specific churches during times of prayer and ministry.
Words for America  
Prophetic words and prayers for the United States of America, during times of intercession
Sounds of Revival  
Prophecy of coming revival of states and nations
Suffering & Trials  
Prophetic words concerning the trials we endure in our Christian walk
Words for Leadership Prophecy and revelation given unto those who would be leaders in the Body of Christ
Edification  Prophetic words of instruction and words of wisdom by the Holy Spirit for the Church today
Words of Love Prophecy proclaiming the deep love of God for his people 
Prophecy concerning Prayer Prophetic words of the Holy Spirit providing insight and instruction on how to pray
Words for Israel Prophetic words and revelations concerning the nation of Israel and her relationship with the Church

Prophetic Roundtable  

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Have you felt the anointing of the Spirit and been touched by the Lord? Please feel free to give what the Lord lays on your heart to help make it possible for Don & Bonnie to minister & evangelize the world for Jesus. 

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  Song: The Lord's Prayer  Artist:  Terry MacAlmon