The Holy Spirit reassures us of the His compassion & comfort in our times of  afflictions & sorrows in these prophetic words. 


The Agony of Walking with the Savior      "You will teach as he taught: that if you follow me, you will walk in my footsteps, you will endure persecution, you will endure suffering, you will endure being misunderstood."

Come & Sit with Me in High Places  "There is an anointing coming upon My people,  those who are looking toward Me. This anointing is coming to the Church corporately across the planet and it is going to draw you up into My Presence..."

Feet that know the Pathway of the Lord  "These are feet that have been pierced. These are bloody feet. These are feet that know the agony of crucifixion. These are feet that know the pathway of the Lord. These are feet that know when to kneel in prayer." 

The Fullness of the Messiahship "It is a lonely valley when you enter into the fullness of the Messiahship. You will walk as he walked. You will walk as he walked. You will experience what he experienced. When you mature in Christ you will mature into the walk that he walked..."

I Call You to Stand "All that are godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution, so stand before the world, before the church, before the sinners and saints, and the Angels and the demons, and proclaim my Gospel." 

In a Baptism of Suffering    "Fear not in your afflictions for I will comfort you. There will be that comfort from God in the midst of all of your trials and all of your sufferings and all of your afflictions..." 

In the Coming Days, what can you Trust in?   "Everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the coming days. But, you will have to put your trust in the very same thing that Peter put his trust in, and that was in the Lord Himself!"

The Marks of Crucifixion  "For you will not escape the trials of this life. You can only pass through them by the anesthetic of God, by the peace of God, by the complete touching of God of your heart, soul, and spirit..." 

The Suffering of the Messiah "You have entered into the realm of the suffering of the Messiah, of the God of the New Testament.  But as you walk with him in your sufferings, you experience what Christ experienced..."

The Trails of Life   "Let not the enemy of your soul steal the song in your heart to the Lord. For yea, his mercies do endureth forever..."

The Valley of Sacrifice  "Do not take the easy pathways through life and through spiritual things. Take the pathway that you know the Holy Ghost is calling you into, even if it means isolation and suffering at times; because God will come..."  01/19/03

When the Storms Come "Because in the midst of these horrendous storms I won't leave you. I won't forsake you. You will find the Hand of God. I will not leave you. I will take you through all of these things..."

 You must endure as He endured   "I am with you when you suffer.  I suffer when you suffer.  My heart is moved by your plight, by your situation, by your circumstances.  And your Father does come to you and your Father does meet you..."

Prophetic Roundtable  

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