The Spirit of the Lord emphasizes His continued love and support for the  nation of Israel in these prophetic words.




  Prime Minister Netanyahu " Yea, the leader of that nation has many, many, many Angelic Hosts around him.   For his father, David is forever before my throne..." 

  Reconciliation of the House of Israel "If you indeed had a child that was lost,   that was gone from the home, would not your heart burn day and night?  So, I am moved for the lost Sheep of the House of Israel..."

  The Battle of the Army of God  You will see the armies of the allies of earth join together, but look a little higher.  See the angelic forces which do guard these nations come together and band together.  

  Turmoil in America & Israel "I would say, that mine archenemy does hate these two countries because they are countries, which were birthed by the Spirit of God, dedicated unto the God, Jehovah-Jireh.  You are bound together closer together than a hand in a glove..." 



Prophetic Roundtable  

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