cross gold spinning.gif (33766 bytes)Prophecies which were given to individuals and specific churches during times of prayer and ministry are presented here as an encouragement and exhortation for the Sons & Daughters in the Body of Christ. We believe that others can still learn things from words that were prophesied to other people the same way we learn things from reading the Pauline letters or the historical accounts of the Old Testament. That is why we publish them on the Prophetic Roundtable and let others take a look at what God is saying to different individuals, ministers, churches or works in the Body of Christ.

A Tender and a Kind Church   "You will be a loving people; great compassion will flow out of the wounds that you have received, and great love will gush forth unto my Body..."

The Ears of the Heart  "You hear the Voice of the Father in conversation with the Son instructing the Holy Spirit to send forth the Angels!"

The Faithful Elder  "You will be pleased when you look back upon your life and say, 'I have accomplished what God has asked me to do.' Great will be your reward in Heaven."

The Glory of the Lord  "You will be in awe as you see the Lord come and sit at your table.  For His train shall fill the temple..."

I am With You  "You are not alone. The Father is with you, the Son is with you, and the Holy Spirit is with you."  

I have seen a Joshua  "For do I not call for a Joshua to lead My People?  Do I not call for the City of Jericho to come tumbling down? This day I have seen a Joshua… and it does please the heart of the Lord thy God..."

I'll Send you more Fire  "If you want a House thatís built on a House of Prayer, if you want a House thatís built on the Holy Spirit, you can have it. I will show up. Iíll send you more prophets. Iíll send you more fire. Iíll send you more anointing than you can handle and the Church will be built by the Spirit of the Lord..."

Joy of the Lord in the Midst of Problems  "There is joy in God even in the midst of the most tense situations..."

The Miracle of Time  "I am indeed the Father of all time - yesterday, today and forever are the same unto Me. I am the Father of many chances and I will perform for you the miracle of time..."

The Prophets' Joy shall come   "For in that day that My Prophets do come and sit together in unity and in one accord in their rightful positions and authority, know this, that their time of joy and laughter shall come..."

Simba, No one can Take your Kingdom  "Look deep into the pool and the water, son, for you will see the reflection of that which is to come..."

Spirit of Friendship  "I am drawing you to a new walk tonight and to a new revelation in the Spirit.  Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest and friendship for your soul..." 

Where the Reward Lies  "I am a fair God. I give equal opportunity to all my children whether they realize it or not to prosper and grow in my kingdom and in the eternal kingdom of God..."   

Ye Pawns on the Chessboard of God   "Oh, ye pawns on the chessboard of God, line up with that which the Lord would say unto you this day. Move, saith God; move! Bishop over here; Knight over there; Rook over here; Queen to pawn; checkmate, saith God. Checkmate on the board of God..." 

You can have a Personal Covenant with the Almighty  "You are complete individual servants with God who have a covenant with the Almighty.  Develop your covenant relationship with me..." 

You must Endure as He endured   "I am with you when you suffer.  I suffer when you suffer.  My heart is moved by your plight, by your situation, by your circumstances.  And your Father does come to you and your Father does meet you..."

You will not be Abandoned in your Old Age!  "Your prayers have come up to Heaven.   Fear not, saith the Lord.  You will not be abandoned in your old age.  But the Lord will circumvent you; the Lord will come about you; the Lord remembers all of the wonderful things that you have done in His name..."

Your Job is to Worship Me  "Your delight, your joy is to come to Me daily and to worship me, to praise Me.  Mary sat at Jesus' feet and worshipped. That is your call in life..." 



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