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     Just as the Intercessory Angels receive the prayers and petitions of those who do gather at the Walling Wall in Jerusalem, and at Prayer Mountain in Korea, even so may the Lord provide his Intercessory Angels to receive our prayers and petitions as we pray.

     We invite you to write the prayers of your heart to the Lord to be placed here in The Hall of Prayers.   You may write your prayer beside mine below.  We believe that his Angels will receive these also and present them before the Lord.  May the Lord incline his ear and hear your intercessions and may His Angels be swift to move on your behalf.  Amen.

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Dear Father God,

     It's been a while since I've written my prayers out to you. Something I haven't done since my youth. It's almost like writing down a message and putting it in a bottle. But I believe that somehow these words will get to you. Perhaps you do have Angels who fish bottles with messages out of the sea. Maybe there is even one here with me now as I write this to you.

     God, I bring my family situation to you. You know that we dedicated our lives to you so long ago, before we came together as husband and wife. It seems like a lifetime ago - so much time has gone by. But I pray that you remember those prayers there made on that day. May all of our prayers be read again in Heaven today.   The ones from our youth, the ones from our courtship, the ones when our children were born, and the ones as we laughed and we cried.

     God remember this house. And forget not your promises made to this household. Forget us not, oh Lord. Forget not my husband whom you called me to. Forget not the call you've placed upon our lives. And especially forget not these precious little children you have given to us to raise for you. God, I bring them all unto you, today. Remember us, please. We need your help and your strength, and your love now more than ever before.

     May we feel your love and your support and your understanding; forgive us of our faults and mistakes, and yes our sins. Forgive us and redeem us. Restore us today. God, I pray for restoration for this house, this little house of Israel. Forget not your children here, Lord. May the Lord Jesus even remember us in his prayers today as he forgets not his own.

     God, I pray that your will will be done in all of our lives. May not one of us stray off of the path that you have designed for us to walk upon. May we listen, truly listen to the wisdom of your spirit and your Angels by our sides. May we make up for lost time now. Lord, renew the time. Restore the time. Create the miracle of time, in our hearts and in our lives I pray, this day.  

In Jesus Name.

~ Bonnie ~

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