Angels from the National Cathedral
Vision by Don Franklin   

National Day of Prayer & Remembrance (9-14-01)

      As I watched the events unfold last week at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. the Lord gave me a vision during the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  In this vision I saw the altar of the cathedral open up and angels were flying forth from it to different nations of the earth. 

     They were very powerful, yet very beautiful angels.  I was surprised to see that they were coming from the depths of this altar and I wondered what they're intent or mission would be. As I watched them leave I had the sense that they had been there a long time and were anxious to be about their business.  I then questioned the Lord and asked him what was the meaning of the vision I had just seen and his reply amazed me.  

     He explained to me that these angels had been stationed in America from the beginning and that these angels had participated in events during the Civil War.  He said they had been stationed at this national altar  and that they were the avenging angels of America.  He said these angels are assigned to carry out the vengeance of God in the earth and that he was releasing them from the altar at the national cathedral to bring the vengeance of God upon those that had touched this nation. He said they have been stationed at this altar for that very purpose and that was the very role and function that they fulfilled in the schedule of things for America.  He said that they would go and confront those powers that had brought this devastation to America and that they would be involved in bringing to justice those that were involved in the attack on America.  

     As all of this was happening, the Battle Hymn of the Republic was being sung in the background, chills were running up and down my spine as I was seeing these angels being released from that altar.  As that majestic battle hymn played in the background releasing these angels that had been reserved by God for the  preservation of this nation,  I knew that they were going forth to avenge the enemies of this nation that would destroy her.  I marveled at the location from which the angels came.  

      I had been vaguely aware of the National Cathedral but knew nothing about its history. After some research I was even more profoundly effected by the location of this angelic force and the history of the cathedral.   This cathedral was planned by the same man who had drawn up plans for Washington D.C. after the Revolutionary War.  It was designed at our conception as a  nation; even as our political capital was planned our spiritual cathedral was to be an important part of it.  God in his wisdom placed both the political capital and the spiritual center of our nation together.  In  his wisdom he provided both spiritual and governmental oversight in the same location.

          One of the most amazing factors that I learned about his national house of prayer was that the very altar that I saw opening had been brought to this church from Jerusalem.  The stones that formed the altar in the National Cathedral were quarried came from the quarries in Jerusalem.  It is very possible that these were the same quarries that supplied the stones for the temple.  It is no coincidence that the altar of the our national cathedral is an off shoot or branch of the altars in Jerusalem.  The significance of our relationship to Israel and our closeness to that nation is exemplified by our sharing the same altars and the same loving God.  May God continue to protect both Israel and America in the coming days.  



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