Stop Struggling with the Ministry

 twnklegold.gif (911 bytes)They are looking for that elixir, that wine of God that comes from those servants that have closeted themselves in with the Lord in communion and not in heavy intercession, and not in heavy prayer, but in communion with Him, and talking with Him, walking with Him, loving Him.

a prophecy by Don Franklin





















Fear not children, for I have not left you out of the party; I have not cut you out of the inheritance; for indeed, I have saved the best wine until last. I will release you into prophetic ministry, evangelism, soul winning, prophesying, healing and pastoring.

You will not be left out; you will not be cut out. For I have saved you for the final move - for the last great evangelistic thrust in this world. Fear not; fear not. The deep things you've gone through now - the pain, the suffering, the heartaches - are going to be turned into pure gold and pure joy in the coming days.

I'm going to exalt you. I'm going to lift you. I'm going to show you a way out of this Egypt. You are those who are gentle of spirit, who are compassionate by nature, who are giving, who are loving, who are sharing. You would open your doors to the homeless; you would give away all that you had if I spoke to you. I do not have to come after you with a rod to get you to share or to be benevolent.

Do not go into massive warfare. Do not go into pulling down and tearing up and sending up. But simply concentrate on walking with Me now. I want you to spend hour, after hour, after hour, after hour with the Gardener fellowshipping in the rose garden with He who can walk on the water and change the world!

I want you to draw near to Christ. That is your job. That is your goal. I want you to love Him like you've never loved before. I want you to lift Him up in praise. I want you to give yourself to Him. I want you to concentrate on Him. I want Him to be the reason you get up in the morning and go to bed at night.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I want you to think about Him; I want you to live for Him; I want you to magnify Him; I want you to be so wrapped up in Jesus you don't think about church! And the ministry that flows from the union that you have with Him will lift you higher and higher and higher.

Do not take your eyes off Jesus to turn to the right or the left to deal with problems in the Church, to deal with ministries. I am not calling you to promote the prophetic ministry in the earth. It will be a byproduct of your union with Christ. It will come automatically. You have become almost masters in the prophetic: you are well trained; you are well heeled; you are well disciplined in the prophetic. That is a "give me", saith the Lord. You are competent in that realm.

I'm calling you higher than that; I'm calling you higher than that. I'm calling you to where Mother Theresa lived. I'm calling you to where compassion is so birthed in your soul that you weep tears of blood for lost saints. I'm calling you to move into a realm of love with Me. Walk with Me. Talk with Me. And that love will flow and so ooze out of you the last thing you'll even think about is the prophetic. There'll be so much love coming from your system: love for your enemy, love for your friends, love for one another.

I will handle your finances. I will handle your ministry. You do not to have to push through and make things happen. Come unto Me. Come closer than you've ever in your life come before to Me and to my Love. Think about my Love.

If you will simply concentrate on Me day and night, forget the prophetic, forget the church, forget the ministries, but remember the Lord, remember the Lord, remember the Lord - that He would be your waking thought, that He would be the reason you go through the day, that He would forever be before your eyes.

You will find yourself being lifted higher and higher and higher out of depression, out of problems, out of worry. The Lord would lift thee; the Lord will take care thee. Let the Lord be your strength. I know that this may sound simplistic to you, but it will work. It is so simple it will work. It is the quality of ministry that will come out of you in your personal relationship with God that will catapult you into new realms.

Massive amounts of ministry is not what I'm looking for. There are so many that will run to and fro and scrub the floors and serve even like a dog! But I am looking for those rare qualities, for those rare vintages and so is the Body of Christ. They are looking for that elixir, that wine of God that comes from those servants that have closeted themselves in with the Lord in communion and not in heavy intercession, and not in heavy prayer, but in communion with Him, and talking with Him, walking with Him, loving Him.

For out of the love relationship will come a fruit of the Spirit that oozes out of your spirit that will attract people to you. They will be coming to you to ask you, "How may I be saved?" "How may I have what you have in your Spirit?" For it is the attractiveness of your spirit that they will want. The joy of the Lord, the gentleness of God, the love of God will be your calling card.

"Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly of heart. And you will find rest for your soul."

Stop struggling with the ministry. Stop struggling with the ministry. This day stop struggling with the ministry and begin loving your Lord.


Ministry of Don Franklin


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