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"I'm going to call you and I'm going to ask you to obey Me. For the promotion will be based upon the obedience to the Holy Spirit within you." 

 a prophecy by Don Franklin

B-LordGloryIHI.jpg (4538 bytes)      Let's make a deal, saith the Lord. This morning, come on down. I am going to show you what's behind the door and we're going to make a deal - a Holy Ghost God given deal. You do it my way and I will support you and I will send you the people that you need.

I give everyone that is serious about Me an opportunity for a place of service. You've been serious about it. You've gone through some training, some correcting, some growth from the process that I've required you to go through, you've gotten some schooling, you've gone through some obedience, you've hit some hard places, but I'm ready to hand you an Aaron's Rod; I'm ready to give you the Almond Rod of authority in the Body. I'm ready to place you and I do give you tokens and I do give you signs.

     And I will run you through further obedience down the road. I'm going to cause you to do things you don't want to do. I'm going to ask you to obey at times you are not going to want to obey, for everything within you is going to scream, "No, no, no God! This is going so well." And I'm going to call you and I'm going to ask you to obey Me.

For the promotion will be based upon the obedience to the Holy Spirit within you. And you will know where to go and what to do; no one needs to tell you; no one needs to prophesy to you. You will know in your heart that which I am asking you to do and I will give you the peace with it. Your head will scream, "No!" and your heart will say, "Yes!" "Oh, be swift my soul to answer Him. Be jubilant my feet." Go with what your inner spirit is being led to do and the Hand of God will continue to come and will continue to bless.

     And as you look around you, you are going to see many ministries going down in flames. Many are going to crash in the next coming years. I am going to burn some of the biggest ministries in this nation and bring them down saith the Lord, because I'm not happy with what's going on inside of them, and I'm going to raise up other ones. This is a continuous process that happens over and over.

But your season of opportunity is upon you and your time of obedience to the Lord is here. So, be obedient, walk humbly before the Lord and know that I'm going to open doors. When you look around you and you see the failure of others so evident, you are going to wonder, "Why am I being blessed?" "Why is mine taking off and everything around me is failing?" "This isn't supposed to happen!"

    I am looking for simple obedience unto Me. When you fulfill the conditions of obedience then I will step in and begin to cause growth in the ministry. It is through obedience that you grow; it is through obedience that you are blessed; it is through obedience that the Hand of God comes in and helps you and things that can not be done in the natural are done. This will continue as you obey Me.

But you will look left; you will look right. You will see others failing and crashing. Do not be concerned, saith the Lord. Do not be concerned about those that go down around you, about economic conditions, because as long as my hand is over you, your ministry will go, and go, and go, and where others cannot go you will go. When others cannot make it and are begging for money and knocking on doors and doing everything they can to raise funds, I will bring funds to you and dump them in your lap. But it won't be because of anything extraordinary that you yourself have done or that you possess, but it will be because of your obedience to Me and the fact that you will allow Me to do what I want to do within your ministry and within your sphere of influence.

    This is the Key to your ministry, not fantastic gifting, not affiliations with those that are in high places, but your simple everyday walking and obeying Me is what will keep you and what will place you, saith the Lord.

So, remember that in this coming day. It is not the "big dogs" that are going to make your ministry. It is not running with those who are on top. It is walking lowly with the Lord. It is simply obeying him day after day, and in those crisis situations when you know what's right doing what's right even though it hurts. That is where it comes from; that is where your promotion comes from. Those that are on top only come because I send them or call them. They won't come no matter what you do no matter how you present yourself, no matter what hours of prayer you put in, or calling for them, or anything else. They only come because I send them, and they only are sent because you obey.

     So, lay that principle as the foundation of your work - the obedience of the Lord and I will continue to send, and I will continue to call people to you. You do not have to do it. You do not have to figure out how to do it. I will bring them.

Just rest in the peace of God. Rest in that peace. Rest in the fact that you know you've obeyed me and that peace is upon you, and keep that, saith the Lord, above all keeping that bond of unity and that peace of the Holy Spirit about your ministry and about your call.

Quote: "Oh, be swift my soul to answer Him; be jubilant my feet." from the hymn, The Battle Hymn of the Republic


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