Joy of the Lord in the Midst of Problems

"There is joy in God even in the midst of the most tense situations"

    The days coming for you daughter, when great rest will be upon your soul. Great peace will come down; a spiritual Novocain will enter and all of your nerve endings will quiet. And all of your fears and problems will come to a resting-place in God.

I am lifting you; I am lifting you; I am lifting you. Through the trial, through the problem, through the situation I am lifting you to a place in the Heavenlies where peace will reign from one end of your spectrum to the other. And a great knowing and knowledge of God shall enter thy breast and you will be at total peace, saith God.

    It will be like a liquid Novocain. And it is not that you will not be concerned about problems or situations; you will have the concern that I've placed within you, that I've always had within you, but there will be a new way of handling the things that give unto you.

And you will have great joy even in the midst of serious, serious problems. And not that you have not had joy in the past but this is a new thing. This is a different level of understanding, a different level of anointing. New stripes will come upon your shoulders and a new mantle is going to fall on you.

    And there will be a type of leadership come upon you that will, yes, reach the nations, but you will also grow closer to those at home. You will begin to knit even closer and closer to those around you. And there will be more of a unity that you've been crying for in your heart.

You've been crying to Me for unity, unity, unity. More of a brotherhood, more of a sisterhood in the Body; it is coming. I will use you to knit this together.

    And part of how I will knit this is with great joy, great fellowship, great laughter. There is joy in God even in the midst of the most tense situations and I will even use that. You will be an example. Someone who has been so concerned and so serious about so many problems, you will be an example of joy in the Lord in the midst of problems. For I will cause you to break forth with great humor of God, great humor of God to even deflect. And this will deflect many of the enemy's tactics.

For those who would rise up and hate Christians will love you and will love those who are like you because they see the joy, they see the happiness, they see the mirth, and they see the tenderness within you as well as the strength and the severity of God. I will use this to deflect hatred against the Body, because it's awfully hard to hate someone whom you love, who has great personal magnetism about them. And I will use this humor; I will use this joy to win people to Christ and to deflect the enemy's hatred toward the Body.

     So fear not for the changes that are coming to you. Fear not as I shift, and turn, and alter your concept of ministry in the coming days. Great peace of God will go with it. And you will know that you will know that you will know that it is the Hand of God dealing with you. Man will not be allowed to touch you. I will not allow people to move in and either correct you or direct you or send you in another way. But the Hand of God will turn you; the Hand of God will deal with you; and the Hand of God will explain to you that which is happening to you.

A Prophecy received by Don Franklin

Ministry of Don Franklin


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