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A Prophecy received by Don Franklin






















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     And no, you are not just sitting in a room staring at the walls waiting for something, but you are seated in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus. And you are before my Throne this morning and you've entered into the Holy of Holies and into that realm where the Father hears the petitions of your hearts, where the cry of the righteous is opened onto the ear of the Lord.

And if you are coming through the Son, if you have stopped to be washed in the blood, if you have confessed your sins before Him then you are received around the very Throne of your Father in Heaven and your petitions are heard by your Heavenly Father.

So bring forth the petitions of your hearts unto Me. Bring forth that the desires of your soul unto Me. Bring forth the needs and the wants of your congregation and your families unto Me. For I AM your Heavenly Father and I do bow my ear low to hear the cry of my children who approach Me.

And you are seated in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus, so let your petitions be known onto your Father. You have come washed in the Blood of the Lamb are received by the courts of Heaven. Come boldly before the Throne of grace and make known those petitions that are arising from your hearts.


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