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"I would free you this day if you would hear me from the bondage and the torment of having to do things just one certain way. I do give you the freedom to move in the many different levels of the Holy Spirit. "  

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     There are so many different ways of doing things that it is literally astounding. I created all of creation and there are a variety of creatures on this planet, and as many different creatures that there are, there are that many different kinds and types of people. And I have chosen and selected many different kinds of preaching.

And I would free you this day if you would hear me from the bondage and the torment of having to do things just one certain way. I do give you the freedom to move in the many different levels of the Holy Spirit.

     One of the things that brings so much persecution as it is said against those who move in the prophetic ministry of God is that they seek to flow in an on-time right now move voice hearing of God. They want to speak the very words that are being spoken out of Heaven. They can't stand the "old dry dusty stuff".

And there is nothing wrong with the old dry dusty stuff; there is great teaching there; there is great learning to be had. And if you would know it, most of those who are advanced in the prophetic ministry have spent many many hours and years in the old dry dusty stuff behind the scenes.

     But they have fallen in love with the liquid lava of God. They love the anointing; they love the Holy Ghost They love the on-time words. So given their choice, given their druthers, of course they would druther hear directly from God and flow in that volcanic anointing. They enjoy it; it is such a joy to them.

But they have spent time on their knees. They have spent years and hours and days in the word of God studying. They are not ignorant. They have not ignored this teaching aspect of God's call on their life. Many of them have spent years literally pouring over the Word of God. They know the Word. They don't just fly by the seat of their pants. They've studied; they've applied themselves.

     So, when you desire to open up and flow with God know (that when you) open your mouth, saith the Lord, I'll fill it. I'll fill it. Right there on the spot, extemporaneously, spontaneously, I'll fill it, saith God.

Don't fear; don't worry. It's not that you don't study and it's not that you don't prepare and it's not that you don't come to the pulpit with something to say having done your homework. But if your heart is open to God and you desire to speak what is happening currently with the Lord, open your mouth and I'll fill it, saith the Lord, that's one of the ways I move.

     I am a teacher. There is the Teaching Christ. There is the Prophetic Christ. There is the Christ who walks into the temple and takes out the whip. There is the Christ who disappears into the crowd for days and you don't hear a word from him! You can't get a word out of him if you hit him with a stick! He won't talk. There's the deaf, dumb Christ who won't speak to you, won't tell you anything; he's meditating; he's off on the hillsides by himself communing with his Father.

There are many different aspects of the ministry of the Lord Jesus and one of them is that flaming fire and tongue that comes forth and speaks the Word of the Lord. So fear not when you desire to move in this and preach in this aspect of your ministerial call. You are not being rebellious, you are not being disobedient, you are not breaking with tradition or with the pulpit teaching, but you are flowing in the things that He flowed in.

At times He spoke very quietly. At times He wouldn't speak a word. At times He sat and taught and at times He opened up and he roared like a volcano with the Word of the Lord. So, feel free. You have not because you ask not. If you ask Me, I will fill you with spontaneous words from the Lord. I will allow you to preach extemporaneously from the pulpit and it will be Me.

    Do not fear about error. Do not fear about falling into confusion or doing the wrong thing because I'll guard you, I'll keep you. You're not a fool. You're not one who hasn't studied. You're not one who hasn't put his time in. How many years have you walked obedient to Me? How many years have you given up, and given up, and given up, and sown into God, and sown into God, and sown into God?

So many people have backed off. So many people quit when the hard times came. So many people have not pressed in or they've given up and gone to nothing but textbook preaching. They've given up trying to move in the Holy Ghost. They've given up trying to hear from God. They've given up trying to move in the miracles because there was a problem or two, because something didn't work out or because somebody got offended. So they stopped and they did what was safe.

Well safe is fine, saith the Lord, but it will never ring the bell in Heaven; it will never bring down the healings of God; it will never bring down the powerful moves of the Holy Ghost in the Church!

    So, fear not. Fear not. Open your mouth, and I'll fill it with fire - liquid lava of God, and you can preach it and you can flow in it. It's not meant for a steady twelve month a year diet, but oh the joy of moving into seasons of it and tasting, ooh that liquid fire. Oh, how much fun it is to hop and skip and jump in the House of God and scream and yell a little bit and feel the power of your Heavenly Father moving through you.

So know that it is OK to preach in many different styles. A time and a season for everything. A time to speak to the intellectuals; there is a time to be reserved; there is a time to teach; there's a time to be quiet and serious and solemn. And there's also a time to open up and share the bread of God with your people, with your brothers and sisters, and to have fun.

     So, I do release you into all forms of teaching, all forms of preaching, all forms of ministering and prophesying, son. I don't want you stuck on one. Jesus didn't just come and just stand in the pulpit and teach the word of God! He went out and demonstrated; he went out and turned over tables; he went out and rebuked Pharisees; he went out and got the lost and picked them up and brought them to the House of God. He wept over the city of Jerusalem; he stood there crying he was so moved at what he would do for them if they would only come to Him. He had the power. He had the anointing. He had the ability to heal all their wounds.

And when they would let Him he would flow in the Heavenly power and move and multitudes would be brought into the Kingdom and healed. And oh, the gnashing of the teeth of the religious ones who would only teach and hold the temple down. Who would only say, "You have to come at 9:00 and you have to come at 3:00 and you have to do this and you have to do that. How dare you touch those people and heal them! You're breaking our temple rules!"

    I've said it before and I'm saying it again, I'm going to reappear in the churches, and I'm going to break the rules! And I'm going to reach out with bread and heal and move and prophesy and touch and love and bring great joy to the flocks.

Fear not. It will be done in the peace of God, by the Spirit of God with the power of the Lord, the power of the Lord. Not the power of the Levitical priesthood, but the power of the Lord is coming back to the churches, in a safe and in a wonderful way. And you can be a part of it. I have already freed many from this and they will be a part of it whether anyone likes it or not, but you can be a part of it also. It's coming it's coming and it is safe. It is ordained of God. It is within the parameters of the Scripture. You can do anything you see in that Bible!

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