"All of the great loves that you know, that you can imagine or fathom,  come from the heart of God: both the love of a man & woman, of a mother & child, and the love of country and of God."

~ Don Franklin ~

Have you longed for a Great Love?




























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    And have you not almost all the days of your life cried out for a love, even for a great love? And have not most of you dreamed of a prince to come and sweep you off your feet, and to have a great romantic love – a love that would protect you, and guard you, and keep you and guide you, and cherish you all of your days?

Well I tell you, I am the author of that love. That love is real, saith God. That love is real! And if you do not find it in a human vessel it does not mean that it does not exist. It is an exotic wine of God.

    I am the author of all love. Both the love between a man and a woman, and a mother and a child, and the love of country, and the love of God, all of the great loves that you know – that you can imagine, fathom – come from the heart of God.

Seek Me, saith the Lord, concerning this issue of love, and I will pour new revelation upon you. Just as the Spirit of Prophecy that comes upon my prophets is an anointing from God to stand before the Powers of Darkness and prophesy the Word of the Lord, so indeed the Great Love of God is an anointing – a Spirit of God that comes upon you. Seek the heart of God now, to find more and more and more about this Great Love that God possesses. For I long to share my Love.

    I long to pour my Love out as an anointing upon my people that it would flow through your hearts like rivers, that nothing could harm you, nothing could touch you, that the Love of God would be so strong upon you. It is an anointing, saith the Lord; it is a Spirit, saith God. And it can flow through you as powerfully as it flowed through My Son!

Hear Me, saith the Lord, love is not a mystery; love is to be found; love is to be sought in the heart of God. Come unto Me, saith the Lord, and cry that I would pour my Love upon you, and you will experience things – you will find out what the Great Love of God is.

     I am returning the "bull's-eye" to the church. It has been stolen by the enemy; I have prophesied it to you. But I am going to return the bull's-eye back to the church. You have hit the edges of the target, but you have never hit the center, saith God. You are going to find the center of the gospel; you are going to find the heart of God. You are going to find once again the Great Love of God. It will be the motivating factor of the church! And great, great joy – everything that you seek – is wrapped up in this. Call to God, for the bull’s-eye of the Gospel.


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