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 by Don Franklin


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 A Street Called Straight   You have power with God! You are not the lowly handmaiden of the Lord who scrubs the floors. You are the Deborah of God who stands on the mountain and calls down the forces of God. But yet you cloak yourself with the wash womanís robe.

A Tender and a Kind Church   You will be a loving people; great compassion will flow out of the wounds that you have received, and great love will gush forth unto my Body. 

A Vast Struggle Over Washington  Call those people out of position that do not belong there and begin to replace them in your prayer life with godly men and women who will run this nation according to the Word of the Lord. 

The Agony of Walking with the Savior  You will teach as he taught: that if you follow me, you will walk in my footsteps, you will endure persecution, you will endure suffering, you will endure being misunderstood.

An Evening with God  You are going to become as it has been said already, ďSwans together in a Lake.Ē I will cause you to glide across the waters of God in prayer, and you will begin to spend hours, and hours, and hours communing.

An Intimate Relationship with the Almighty  Your relationship with Me everyday is the most important thing on this planet.  I'm calling you do draw aside and to intensify that relationship with Me and as you do I'm going to speak to you, and whisper to you, and show you things.  

Be thankful, Children  Practice giving thanks unto God everyday all of your life and see the difference and the improvement that it makes in your attitude and in your outlook.

The Center of the Bible is Love  It is the love of God that must drive each and every one of you, not the glory of ministry, not the promoting of gifts, not even the reaching out of souls.

Come & Sit with Me in High Places  There is an anointing coming upon My people,  those who are looking toward Me. This anointing is coming to the Church corporately across the planet and it is going to draw you up into My Presence.

Come sit on your Father's lap  Come; come. I long to fellowship with my loved ones. I long to have my children on my lap. All that matters is that you are next to my heart and you can hear my heartbeat. When you can hear my heart beating, you're close enough. 

Deep Calls unto Deep  There's a great cry emanating from the heart of the Church for her Beloved.  It is the cry of love that emanates from the soul.

A Deep Well of Love for the Lost   The hurts that have come upon you will build the flame of love in you. Love is going to pour out of you like a river: the love of God, the compassion of God, the tender mercies of God are going to be pouring through your life.

Do not Touch your Brother's Call  You better be careful. I care not who you think you are, or how big you think you are, or what your name is. I have a Name that is above all names and I will not tolerate interference among my children.

Feet that know the Pathway of the Lord  These are feet that know the agony of crucifixion. These are feet that know the pathway of the Lord. These are feet that know when to kneel in prayer.

Go High into the Sovereignty of God   Go high into the knowing that God Almighty rules and controls the kingdoms of men; and that includes you and your life and your family.

Great Cataclysm is Coming - I'm calling for 24hr Prayer!  It is for your own survival that I warn the church in America:  there is tribulation coming, there is tribulation coming, there is tribulation coming across this planet

I'm calling the Minutemen of God  It is a historic moment.  This time, this day is to live on and on and on into the future.  Lift up your eyes to a new vision in America Ė One Nation under God. 

I'm Calling the Sons of this Nation to Fight! "Thereís a fighting spirit coming upon the men in this nation Ė fighting for holiness, fighting for righteousness, fighting for the unborn.

The Faithful Elder   You will be pleased when you look back upon your life and say, 'I have accomplished what God has asked me to do.' Great will be your reward in Heaven.

The Fullness of the Messiahship   It is a lonely valley when you enter into the fullness of the Messiahship. You will walk as he walked. You will walk as he walked. You will experience what he experienced. When you mature in Christ you will mature into the walk that he walked. 

I'm going to Anoint this Nation for War  "For my hand is dipped in the blood of vengeance, to bring the vengeance of God to the Nations. I'm going to anoint the prophets of God to step forth and  call this nation to arms," saith God.

The Hammer of God   Itís going to crack the veneer thatís over this nation and godliness is going to come forth like waves and waves and waves.  Torrents of godliness are going to pour out of the wellsprings of this nation.

Have You longed for a Great Love?  All of the great loves that you know, that you can imagine or fathom,  come from the heart of God: both the love of a man & woman, of a mother & child, and the love of country and of God.

I am the Essence of Love  You will cleave and cling unto me, your heavenly bridegroom, for all of these needs to be met and there will come the great communion.     

I am With You  You are not alone. The Father is with you, the Son is with you, and the Holy Spirit is with you.  

I Call You to Stand  All that are godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution, so stand before the world, before the church, before the sinners and saints, and the Angels and the demons, and proclaim my Gospel.

Change is Coming to the Church   You're not going to recognize it in the coming days. I am going to dominate the churches. I am going to turn it all upside down.

Come to the Camp of Eagles  I am causing a stirring within you even as an eagle stirs its nest I am stirring you, saith the Lord. I am going to cause you to rise up even as the eagle does upon wings and soar into the heights with Me.

Come to Rest in Christ   For I am The Prince of Peace; no one else is.  No one else can give you the peace you seek. I alone have the ability to impart the peace and the rest to your soul.

Comparing Yourself to Others  I will reward each one according to their faithfulness.  You're on a even playing field with everyone.

I Created you for Fellowship  I love your fellowship.  Do not forget to fellowship with the Lord.  I can handle the problems of the earth.  I can handle the rising and fallings of the nations, but I love to hear from you.

The Cry of the Righteous  You've entered into the Holy of Holies and into that realm where the Father hears the petitions of your hearts, where the cry of the righteous is opened onto the ear of the Lord.

Cry out to God  I will deliver you! I will make a way for you! You are not tied to the destiny of those who are failing. You are tied to the call of God upon your life!

Feet that know the Pathway of the Lord  These are feet that have been pierced. These are bloody feet. These are feet that know the agony of crucifixion. These are feet that know the pathway of the Lord. These are feet that know when to kneel in prayer.

Germany, I've heard your Prayers  I am going to raise up for myself a people out of Germany that are going to praise my name.  They are going to take my glory to the nations.

The Great Masquerade of God  There are many masks upon the people and many masks upon the leaders and the time is coming, that I am going to pull the masks off of many.

The Heart of David  Move with the heart of David.  God hears the heart of David.  Shout unto God with the voice of triumph, then will the God of the Heavens come and fulfill all that you have been crying for. 

In a Baptism of Suffering   Fear not in your afflictions for I will comfort you. There will be a cup of cool water. There will be that word from the LORD. There will be that comfort from God in the midst of all of your trials and all of your sufferings and all of your afflictions.

In the Coming Days, what can you Trust in?   Everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the coming days. But, you will have to put your trust in the very same thing that Peter put his trust in, and that was in the Lord Himself!

Islam & Christianity - a Clash between two Forces  Will you mount up on the horse of the Holy Spirit and will you ride against the powers of Islam?  Will you ride with the armies of light against the armies of darkness?

I've come to Florida to pick a Fight!  You will see the glory of God pour out of Central Florida. I will bring a great powerful move of God out of this area to touch the world, saith God.   07/05/03

Joy of the Lord in the Midst of Problems  There is joy in God even in the midst of the most tense situations.

Leadership of the Holy Spirit is Coming to the Churches   Know this, that he is coming and he is going to control the Body of Christ in the coming days and there will be great joy in the camp, great joy in the Church worldwide, as the Holy Spirit dominates and controls and empowers his people once again.

Living the Walk of Christ  Fear not, when these situations come upon youÖ the dungeon, the prison, the ship, the snake, the false brethren. They are part of that developmental process. 

The Love of God becomes the Flame of the Church  There will be one message sent forth from the Holy Ghost resounding down through the corridors of leadership and they will speak together in unison of the Love of God.

The Mantle of God is Falling  "I'm not presenting a false hope to Central Florida.  The mantleís been passed on, saith the Lord.  Itís open for business.  Who wants it?  Who wants to bear the reproach for the kingdom that great things may happen?"    

The Marks of Crucifixion  For you will not escape the trials of this life. You can only pass through them by the anesthetic of God, by the peace of God, by the complete touching of God of your heart, soul, and spirit.

The Ministry of Intercession  There are those who are called even as full-time ministers unto me to intercede, to pray, to worship, to fulfill that expression of Christ's ministry.

The Ministry of Mary  Iím calling you to come aside with Me and to set up a time of private intercession with Me. Not even for the ministry, not even for anything, but to commune with Me, and to grow in Me, and to be loved by Me.

The Miracle of Time  I am indeed the Father of all time - yesterday, today and forever are the same unto Me. I am the Father of many chances and I will perform for you the miracle of time.

The Move of God out of Central Florida  This night, I tell you, you've begun the move of God out of Central Florida for the end-time Church.

The Obedience Factor  I am calling for repentance before I am calling for revival.  Repent, repent, repent and you will receive all that has been promised unto you. 

Obedience is the Key to Ministry  I'm going to call you and I'm going to ask you to obey Me. For the promotion will be based upon the obedience to the Holy Spirit within you.

Order in the Body of Christ  I am putting order into the Body of Christ.  I am having ministries taken apart and  reassembled on a level that I decree.

Pray until the Peace Comes  There is no power on Heaven or earth that can separate you from my love.  Cry out to the Lord of the living.  I will hear your prayers; I will hear your cries.

Promotion comes from the Lord  The pathway to that position is not though shoving other people out of the way. It is by walking in the quiet back hallways with God.

Reconciliation of the House of Israel  If you indeed had a child that was lost,   that was gone from the home, would not your heart burn day and night?  So, I am moved for the lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

Repent While There is Time!  Repent for what you've done with your mouths to My Prophets, To My leaders, to My Apostles in the Body of Christ!

Revival is coming to Ireland, New Zealand & Auckland  The fields of Ireland will be aflame with the Word of God, with the fire of God. Angels are going to visit that island.

Run to the Cleft and Commune with your Savior  There are some things in this life and on this planet that you will not be able to change. And all you can do is hold unto God in strength, hold unto God in power, and let His joy carry you through this.

The Shepherd of Israel is Coming with Love   That is where the miracles will spring from; that is where the healings will come; that is where the Great Words of the Lord will come pouring forth out of a heart of a rested flock full of the Love of God.

Simba, No one can take your Kingdom  Look deep into the pool and the water, son, for you will see the reflection of that which is to come.

Spirit of Friendship  I am drawing you to a new walk tonight and to a new revelation in the Spirit.  Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest and friendship for your soul.

Spiritual Victory  So, when everything else around you seems to fall apart and you canít find your way and you canít figure head from tails, then run into Him and fall into the victory that He has before the foundations of the world obtained.

Stop Struggling with the Ministry They are looking for that elixir, that wine of God that comes from those servants that have closeted themselves in with the Lord in communion and not in heavy intercession, and not in heavy prayer, but in communion with Him, and talking with Him, walking with Him, loving Him.

The Suffering of the Messiah  You have entered into the realm of the suffering of the Messiah, of the God of the New Testament.  But as you walk with him in your sufferings, you experience what Christ experienced.  

Tampa to Daytona   Iím going to pour it down from Tampa to Daytona. Iím going to touch every place of Central Florida.  

Tap the Well of Love  All the love, all the healing, all the miracles will come out of a flow of divine love. If you can tap the well of love you can touch the heart of God and know the secrets of the Kingdom.

This is a Prophetic Nation  I will have my prophets in the coming days speaking openly and publicly to the airwaves concerning the destiny and the history and the future of this nation.

Wait but Awhile Longer  The day is coming when my hand will lift you and set you to the fullness of the positions that I've promised you. You do not need to lift a finger. Wait patiently upon the Lord and in the meantime enjoy the things of God.

Welcome into the Army of Intercessors  Oh, where are my Davids?  Where are my Deborahs?  Iím calling you forth to pick up your swords.  Iím calling you forth to pick up your stones and your slingshots and pray, and pray, and pray. Do you know how much you can stop in your prayers?

Walk by the Word  Forgive and I shall forgive you. Give and it shall be given unto you. Press in and you will grow, saith the Lord. 

When the Storms Come  Because in the midst of these horrendous storms I won't leave you. I won't forsake you. You will find the Hand of God. I will not leave you. I will take you through all of these things.

Where the Reward Lies  I am a fair God. I give equal opportunity to all my children whether they realize it or not to prosper and grow in my kingdom and in the eternal kingdom of God.

Who am I?  If you will dedicate yourself to Me, if you will not stop, but come after Me everyday of your life, I will show you what I can do with a man or woman who surrenders to Me. 

The Winds of Change are Upon the Church  "Iím bringing it back into the end-time Church that I have so long desired. You have no idea how the heart of God desires to see the signs, the wonders, the miracles..."

The Winds of Change are upon You  The changes of God are coming.  All will be changed by the power of God, by the hand of God, by the word of the Lord, and by the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

Ye Pawns on the Chessboard of God  Oh, ye pawns on the chessboard of God, line up with that which the Lord would say unto you this day. Move, saith God; move! Bishop over here; Knight over there; Rook over here; Queen to pawn; checkmate, saith God. Checkmate on the board of God.

You are a Samuel Company  This is not a move birthed in the heart and the mind of a man or a group, but this is the heartbeat of God Almighty. This is the anointing of the Lord; this is the will of the Holy Ghost in this time and this hour that he would turn his intercessors into flames of fire.

You can do Anything you see in the Bible    I would free you this day if you would hear me from the bondage and the torment of having to do things just one certain way. I do give you the freedom to move in the many different levels of the Holy Spirit.  

You must endure as He endured   I am with you when you suffer.  I suffer when you suffer.  My heart is moved by your plight, by your situation, by your circumstances.  And your Father does come to you and your Father does meet you.

You will Walk in Fields of Gold  Come unto me and I will renew you and invigorate you and give you hope and strength, and you will walk above the filth of this world.  You will walk in clouds of glory.  You will walk in fields of gold with the Lord.  Your armament will be shining and your sword will cut through the darkest of darkness.

Your Job is to Worship Me  Your delight, our joy is to come to Me daily and to worship me, to praise Me.  Mary sat at Jesus' feet and worshipped. That is your call in life.

Your Trials are in my Hands  You will fight through to your leadership, saith the Lord.  But the day will come when finally the trials, the tribulations, and the battles come to a cease and you will face your last obstacle before I coronate you to your position in the Body.

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