Hear, oh House of God, what I have to say to you today.  I'm sitting in the Heavens and I知 watching what you池e doing. My eyes are going to and fro through out the earth and I知 looking for a people who are strong on my behalf, strong on my behalf, strong on my behalf. You cannot be everywhere at once. You are in this city; you are in this town. You can function for the kingdom of God from this particular place. I知 going to pour it down from Tampa to Daytona. I知 going to touch every place of Central Florida.

        Be ready. Have your eyes open. Look up, saith God. I致e sent you one of the primer men of God to spearhead this thing. Say not we are small; we are insignificant. You are not in my eyes. You are important unto me. I知 going to pour out my anointings. I知 going to pour out my Spirit.

        I want a House of Intercession. Church as you know it is over. Church as you know it is over; church as you know it is over; church as you know it is over. Did it ever fill the house? Did it ever work? No! You better change your message. You better change your thinking. You better change what you feel about the House of God, because it痴 about to become a tornado of the Lord.

I知 going to pour out my Spirit on this building. I知 going to spin it. I知 going to flip it. I知 going to turn it upside down. By the time I知 done with this place, you池e not going to recognize it. I知 going to bring new people in. I知 going to staff this House. I知 going to bring in leadership. I知 going to bring in the prophetic. I知 going to bring in the anointings that you need to accomplish it.

Fear not, saith the Lord. You are in my hand. You are under my guidance. You are going to follow in my footsteps and I知 going to do a new thing in your midst. And it痴 gonna be an example to the rest of the churches across this state of what can happen when a man and a woman will listen to the voice of God and be obedient.

~ Prophecy by Don Franklin, August 2003  ~

(Comments:  Don also had a vision of several churches anointed as healing centers along the I-4 corridor from Orlando to Tampa.)


        In our own personal times of prayer, Don and I are taking the words of this prophecy and applying it to our own house. "What can happen when a man and a woman will listen to the voice of God and be obedient, in our house, God." 

     Lord God, you are desiring to move in your churches. You are desiring to come and set up house, in your House. Yet we, as a husband and wife, as a family, as an individual house come to you, and say, Lord, receive this house. May we together pray and intercede before your throne.

     Lord God, you can move in individual houses. You moved in the house of Peter. You moved in the house of Ruth, in the house of David. Come receive us in our house this day. We all join together and we pray right now wherever we are, whether we are at work or at home. Dear Lord, you see each and everyone. We ask for remittance of our sins; we ask for renewed strength; we ask for your Holy Spirit痴 guidance in our lives.

     May this next move of God not pass us by! Lord God, even if Florida is hit with a real gusher, cannot the Midwest, and the East Coast, and the South, and the West Coast receive your sprinklings and your blessings as well? And you have said that you desire this move to move, and to travel and to cover the earth with your Holy Spirit. We care not where it starts, but where it ends up transforming and renewing lives, and families and homes, churches whole communities for your glory.

     Thank God, you are coming. Thank God, you are here. Thank God, you have not forgotten us, your people, oh Lord. Thank you, Jesus.    

Ministry of Don Franklin


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