Pour out Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness

Intercession by Don Franklin, July 31, 2001 @ CHC Intercessory Mtg.


          Lord, we do ask that you would forgive the sins of your flock.  Wash your church in your blood.  Forgive us our transgressions.  We ask for remission of sins for the body.  Lord, wash us, cleanse us, forgive us.  Lord, forgive us.  Pour out your blood, your mercy.  We're praying, we're asking for mercy, Lord. Your tender mercies are new every morning.

God, pour down on your church like a river.  Wash her clean of all her inconsistencies, Lord, all of her problems.  We ask you, Father, that in the Name of the Lord Jesus, you would pour out mercy, grace and forgiveness upon your church.  Wash her in your blood.  Cleanse her from iniquity and sin.

Cleanse our lives.  God, bring us to a point of confession to confess readily and easily our faults to you, and then to one another, but first to you.  We can learn that confession of sins is a needed thing.  Help us to be quick to confess our inadequacies and our shortcomings to you and also to one another. Help us to confess to you daily, Lord.  May we go and make things right one to another.  Lord, a clean heart, a pure heart, a heart of mercy and love is what you are after.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us the revelation of the heart of God - his mercy.  May we be quick to show mercy to other people, Lord.  May we take your mercy to the world. People need to receive the forgiveness of Christ; they don't understand how.   They think that Christianity is keeping a bunch of rules.  They don't understand the forgiveness that God is offering. Help us Lord, to refocus on this subject and to understand our Salvation. 


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