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There will be light in Washington  "There will be soldiers of light moving into those chairs, those benches, those judicial seats, in the Name of Jesus.  They will have on the armor of God.  They will make decisions that please the Lord God of Heaven that he may bless this nation and not curse it..."  

Judge between us and Ishmael  Judge between the two of us.  Our nation is at stake.  Our children are at stake, God.  Bring this unruly prince to the ground, we pray.  Lord, bring him to the bar of justice, Father. 

Restore the Leadership of the House of David  "Give us men after the heart of God.  Give us men who know how to walk in the Spirit.  Give us men who know how to prophesy, men who know how to move in healing, men who know how to preach the doctrines of the Holy Ghost and of freedom in Christ..."  

The Fierceness of the Islamic Sword  "Do not let our enemies swallow us, God.  Do not let the fierceness of the Islamic sword come against us, dear God.  Our only hope is you.  Our only defense is you."   

Open up Altars of Intercession   "We thank you for releasing angels to stir up fires of intercession in America..." 

Pour out Mercy & Forgiveness  "Lord, we do ask that you would forgive the sins of your flock.  Wash your church in your blood.  Forgive us our transgressions.  We ask for remission of sins for the body.  Lord, wash us, cleanse us, forgive us.  Lord, forgive us.  Pour out your blood, your mercy..." 

Houses of Freedom to America  "Burn America from one end to the other, God. Set it on fire from Maine to California, from the Dakotas to the Floridas, God. Burn this nation with the torch of the Holy Ghost. Raise up evangelists that can crisscross this nation starting fires in the House of God!"  

Constitutional Angels   "Send in those Angels that put America together, those Angels that wrote the Constitution. God, there are Angels that were assigned by You to go to the Founding Fathers and write this Constitution and set things up the way they are..."  

Send the Angels to George W Bush   Send forth the Angels to George W. and help him, God. Give him the tongue of a ready writer. Give him the tongue of an inspired prophet to this Nation. Let him speak as a prophet of God to this nation, we pray this night. May the prophetic mantle come upon George W. to speak.  

The Cry of the Righteous  "Come boldly before the Throne of grace and make known those petitions that are arising from your hearts." ~ a prophecy by Don Franklin concerning intercession  

An Ocean of Intercessors   "I am going to weld you together where you are like an ocean; you can't tell one drop from the other. All you will see is the ocean of intercessors, the ocean of anointing, the ocean of unity, saith God..." 

Come Intercede for America   "The blood that was shed on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Choiseul, Vella LaVella, Europe, Asia was for the freedom of the Gospel and the freedom for the men and women of this world! "  

Pray for America   "Since when can't America be forgiven, Lord? Since when can't the sins of this Nation be covered? Turn our hearts to prayer. Turn our hearts to National repentance. Turn our hearts to pleading the Blood of Christ for our sins..."    

Hear the Cry of your Intercessors  God, hear the cry of your intercessors.  Honor the heart that you put within your intercessory core and answer the prayer of righteous women and men before your throne.

Release Chariots of Fire  Oh, the chariots of God.  The weapons of his warfare are being released upon the enemies of God. The day of fierce battle is approaching. 


Ministry of Don Franklin


Have you felt the anointing of the Spirit and been touched by the Lord? Please feel free to give what the Lord lays on your heart to continue to make it possible for Don & Bonnie to minister & evangelize the world for Jesus. 

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