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"Turn them loose this coming year. Turn these nameless faceless men loose in America, God, to reek havoc from one end of this nation to the other - turning things upside down in the House of God!"

~ Don Franklin ~


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        The Church is starving for your presence, Lord, starving for your miracles, God, starving for your actuality of your presence in their lives. All they receive is the bread of the Pharisees, Lord, the leaven, the Law. The leaven of Law kills, God. It can't bring life; it never has. The rule of law never brings life: "Do this; do that; don't do this; don't do that."

God, pour out the tender mercies of David on your Church. Open up the gates of the house of David and let the blood of Christ touch your people and wash them and set them free, God. Set your people free from the bondages of Levitical priesthood: of Pharisees and scribes and Sadducees and laws and rules and dos and don'ts.  Bring them into the love of God; bring them into the heart of God. God, bring them into the freedom of the Holy Ghost.

Take the law; take the yoke of bondage off the neck of your people, God. Father, we appeal to you for mercy. Take the bondage off the church in America. Take the yoke of tyrannical leadership off of their necks, God. Let them feel the freedom and the power of the Holy Ghost. God, there are millions trying to press forward and reach Christ and they can't get through the Pharisees. They can't get through the Sadducees. They can't get through the temple and the priesthood to touch the living Christ!

        Father, we pray, release across America tonight the anointing of the Lord, to go out into the highways and byways and bring them in and settle them in a new way, in a new church, in a new era, in a new form of leadership, God, where people care about people. When someone's missing they go out and get them; they don't talk about them! If they can't pay their bills they go help them; they don't leave them to be picked off by the wolves. Raise up shepherds after the heart of David, God, I pray - men that love people, men that love the flock,  men who would give their lives for someone who is not in church, men who would go to any extreme to make peace in the family - peacemakers, God, men who value the unity of the Spirit above their pride, their ministry, their anointing, their calling - men who value the unity of the brethren.

Oh, God, hear our cry, Lord. Hear our cry, Lord. Is our cry just? Is our cry biblical? Is our cry scriptural, God? Then I pray you put it in ascendancy above the other cries that are up to you, that you hear our cry according to the scriptural grounds, according the merits of the Scripture. If we are in line with your will, your intent, and your heart, God, then hear what we speak this night to your ears: the cry for deliverance of your people - those that love you in America, those that love you around this planet - that they be found with a new shepherd, that the Shepherd of Israel would come to the flock and that He would minister to them, that He would have control of them, that his gentle hand would be upon the bruised, the wounded, the afflicted.

        God, return, once again to the basics of Scripture, the basics of your anointing. Bring us back, God. Bring us back to men and women who love, love your people, who love your Word, who put mercy and grace above law, who put the love of God above their ministries, who like Christ are willing to give their lives for the people and are willing to even defy the authorities to minister to the people. They told Jesus to shut up; He simply left and went out on the hillsides and brought more people in. Oh, they couldn't stop what he was doing. Raise up men and women of that caliber, God. Raise them up, Lord. We've seen how churches can be raised up swiftly, God. We need houses in America of Freedom.

God, set this country on fire, God. Lord, if you're going to set Ireland, you're going to set Australia, you're going to set different nations on fire, I pray you start with this thing here. Burn America from one end to the other, God. Burn it, God; burn it; set it on fire. From Maine to California, from the Dakotas to the Floridas, God. Burn this nation with the torch of the Holy Ghost. Raise up evangelists that can crisscross this nation starting fires in the House of God! God, Lord Jesus, remember your remnant, I pray. There are people in this country who want the real thing, God. They don't want to stop at just a certain level of Christianity, but they want to go all the way, the way the Lord did; they want to follow a true example: laying down their lives for the brethren, laying down their lives for the Church.

        God, oh raise them up, Lord. Raise them up, God. You've been preparing them for years, Lord. God, you've been working on vessels for twenty years. Ah, I pray, turn them loose this coming year. God, let loose the "spirit of Jeremiah" upon the Church. Let loose the spirit of Jeremiah upon the church, God - rebuking powerful prophets, God, to come set the house in order - the Spirit of the ancient prophets, God, and I'm not talking about "I see this", "I see that" but men of valor, men of power, men of authority in the spirit that come with the word of the Lord to set the house in order. God, their nay is nay, and their yea is yea, and they have power in their words; what they say is so. They turn things upside down and none can gainsay nor resist the wisdom of the Holy Ghost that's in them.

Oh, your people are crying for leadership - godly leadership, Holy Ghost leadership, not church, but Holy Ghost men and women of God, men and women who know how to hear God, walk with God, obey God - not foolish, not dictatorial, but Holy Ghost men and women that can't be bought or sold or scared off of their callings.

        Oh God, we long for a better day, Lord, in the House of God - a stronger day, a powerful anointing. We long to touch the things we've read about, God. We read about these things, we want to touch them, and walk in them; we long for men to teach us of them, Lord. Where are the Isaiahs? Where are the Jeremiahs? Where are the Ezekiels and the Daniels? Where are the Pauls and Peters and James and Johns? Where are they, God? Where are our mentors? Where are those who know their God and can do exploits? Where's the power of God? Where are the ancient men of God? Why is the House bereft of leadership, God? Where are the mighty men of valor? Where are the mentors, Lord?

Why is there such an anemic leadership, God, such a powerless anointing in the churches? God, where are the men? ,  Where are the men of God? Where are the champions of the Lord - mighty men of valor? Oh, Lord, bring forth that which you've been hiding, God. I know they're there. I know there are men in this nation who have not given in, that have not caved in, that have not bought the lies. Bring them forth, Lord, bring them forth. Bring men that can slap mantles on the waters, Lord, and split the rivers. Bring the prophets of God.

        Oh, how long, oh Lord? How long? How long will the church have to wait? How long will your people, Lord, have to wait? We don't ask in arrogance, God, but we call upon your name tonight for only that which you can give; only you can give this and it can only happen when you give it, so we don't demand anything, Lord, but we ask, we beseech you earnestly, that the day would come swiftly, that you would release your power in this nation, that you would unveil the men and women you've been hiding. Take the counterfeit away, God.  Ah, bring forth the hidden treasures of the royalty of Christ. Bring forth the mantles of ancient Israel. Flood this nation with your grace, your power and your glory. Shine, Jesus shine, fill this land with your grace and your power.


A Prayer of Intercession by Don Franklin 7/06/01 during Harp & Bowl Mtg

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