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  "The blood that was shed on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Choiseul, Vella LaVella, Europe, Asia was for the freedom of the Gospel and the freedom for the men and women of this world! "

~ Don Franklin  3/23/99 ~


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     There are millions and millions of people on their face everyday crying to You about this nation for the remission of the sins of America. As Daniel would get on his knees and confess the sins of his people, as Noah would offer sacrifice for his sins and for his sons and daughters, and as Moses would stand before you, we come and intercede for America.

And we ask for the remission of sin for America, God, by the Blood of the Lamb we ask for remission of National sin in America. Where this Nation has sinned against other nations, we ask for forgiveness, God; we ask that that sin would be remitted by the Blood of Christ. Where this Nation has gone and promoted wrong things, such as abortion and pornography, we ask for remission of sin, God. We ask that you would cover the sins of America and turn your judgmental hand away from this Nation, oh Lord.

     What pleasure would you take in people who are destroyed? What pleasure Lord, can you have in those who would go down to the grave without you? Give us time, Lord to reestablish a godly anointing in America, to pull out of the fire those who are lost that we may present to you souls, God, souls for your kingdom.

We ask that this would be done for the benefit of the kingdom of Heaven - that more people would be able to come to the Lamb before this is over and that the positions in this world who do need America, that we would still be here to stop and to block the key evil things that are happening on this planet, God.

Once again, Lord, we bring America to you for remission of her sins. We call upon the Mercy Seat of God for America. We call upon the Mercy Seat of God where the Blood was shed.

     "There is the Blood, Satan, you have forgotten about the Blood. You have    forgotten that we know about the Mercy Seat of God and that those who appeal to that Mercy Seat can receive cleansing and remission for their sins."

And as a nation we now appeal to the Mercy Seat of God for the remission of our sins. We confess our sins before the Lord. They are wicked; they are deep; they are great. We take no pleasure in the wickedness of America. But we do confess it as a people, Lord and as a Nation and ask for that covering, ask for that mercy to fall upon this land and twist and turn and take the plots of the enemy away, Lord. Foil the plans of the enemy for America, Lord.

Because there are people across this Nation interceding and praying, and confessing, may revival come and bring this Nation back to a godly balance. We thank you for it, Lord. You are a merciful God. You are merciful, God. You are merciful; you are merciful.

     "The mercies of the Lord endureth forever, forever, Satan. Forever, forever, forever. There's no end to the mercy of God, Satan. You can't trick us into quit praying because it's hopeless. It is not hopeless! It is not over. We know about the Mercy Seat. We know about the great forgiveness of God. The mercies of the Lord endure forever. There's no end to it. You can't say that there's an end to it and we've been cut off; it's a lie! With the Lord there is no ending; his mercies endure forever. And there is mercy for this nation. There is forgiveness for the sins we have committed. You are a liar and the father of lies.You will not convince the national conscience that it is too late. That there's no sense in praying. If we don't pray, then there is no sense in praying. "

     But we will pray; we will intercede for this country, for this nation. And we will see the hand of God move upon our families, move upon our churches, move upon our institutions, and move against our enemies.

We thank you, Father. We thank you for America for what you've done in this nation. We'll not buy into the lies of the enemy that it is too late for this country - that we've gone too far. There are more Christians in this nation than there have ever been. We thank you, God.

twnklegold.gif (3367 bytes)~An Exhortation~

     When America defeated her enemies after WW II we went back in and rebuilt and blessed our enemies. We fulfilled, as a corporate nation, we fulfilled the Scriptures of God. We are a lamb nation.

The Bible says to bless your enemies. We did not treat them wrongly. When the Romans defeated the Jews they slaughtered about a half a million of them and lined them up and down the roads.

The Lord has not forgotten how this nation blessed her enemies. What a witness to the world. No nations, have ever, ever went back and rebuilt a nation and given it back to the people after they were attacked.

He remembers the good as well as the evil. He remembers the good that this nation has done. He remembers the wonderful things that America has accomplished. All of those are not forgotten in Heaven's courts. This day we are reaping the benefits of having blessed our enemies.

     Even our money witnesses to everyone in the world. Every one of our dollars says that in God we trust. Every one of those dollars is a gospel track. Billions and trillions of them go across this planet speaking about God. So even though the money is used at times for wrong things, it still has the witness of the Lord on it. It has his name on it, regardless of the wrong things that have happened.

Look with your eyes and see the good that is in America. We don't see anything good, anymore. Look back at it with God's eyes and analyze it. Put your eyes back on the positive side of America.

     There is no country that doesn't have sins. There is no child, no individual that doesn't have sins. There isn't a person born on this planet that doesn't sin and there isn't a nation that doesn't sin. So all people and all nations need our sins forgiven. We need our sins forgiven. May God get us to pray for this nation, that her sins will be forgiven. May we get into remission of sins for this country.

Right now there are many men speaking about this nation that do not have the heart of God. God does not want this nation destroyed! God has much love, much respect for the things this nation has accomplished. He's not forgotten the great things that this nation has done - the great the founding fathers, the principles that have set millions free from tyranny!

    The blood that was shed on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Choiseul, Vella LaVella, Europe, Asia was for the freedom of the Gospel and the freedom for the men and women of this world!

So many, who do speak in the name of God, do not reflect the heart of God. God's heart is to remit the sins of this nation and to bring her back to preeminence, bring her back to a healthy place on this planet where once again we can bless our enemies, where once again we can be the bread basket of the world, where once again millions and millions of gospel tracks can come out of this country and flood this world with light.

     There will be correction of this nation; I do not doubt that. There have been tremendous sins. We need to grieve and we need to confess the sins of this nation, but I will not stand for the destruction that is been spoken over this nation by men of God, because I believe they have the same problem that Jonah had encountered. I do not believe that they truly reflect the true heart of God towards this country.

There will be correction on this nation, but there will not be destruction. May God have a voice of the good things of this nation that have not been forgotten by God.


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