Open up Altars of Intercession
Prophecy by Don Franklin
@ CHC Prayer Mtg. 9-18-01    


          Open up the altars of intercession, God.  Open up the altars of intercession across this nation.  Open those altars of intercession, God, across this land now.  Let people begin to flock to the altars of God for intercession.  We thank you for it, Father.  We thank you for it, Father.   

          You’ve always met your people at altars, Lord.  From Adam on down to the book of Revelation altars are prominent in your scheme and in your theology.  You meet people at altars.  You meet churches at altars, God.  Bring us now to the altar of intercessory prayer. 

           Let our hearts cry out the things that the Holy Ghost places in there.  No more formalized prayer; no more ritual, God, but the free flow of your Holy Ghost through your people interceding for the will of God, according to the will of God for the saints of God, on time, full of the power of God, full of the anointing of God, full of the authority of God, full of the visions and the mantles of God.  Let them operate in this nation, God – end time intercession according to the will of God for the purposes of God. 

           Not that we are trying to bend you to our way but that we are flowing with you.  No longer, God, the church trying to bend you into what we want you to do.  But us simply cooperating with what you are already doing, dropping our agendas, our preconceived notions and moving into intercession with Father Almighty agreeing with Him in prayer concerning what has happened. We thank you God.  We thank you for releasing angels to stir up fires of intercession in America. 


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