Stories told as received in night and day visions using the Heavenly language of God




blstar4.gif (1362 bytes)Angelic Intelligence Agency  "The Lord has his intelligence agency, an agency of angels run by the Holy Spirit of God himself, who is stationed here on the earth. God knows what is going on. He is aware of the enemy’s tactics and plans. We are in a spiritual war, and we are on the side of God and his angels..." 

Angels from the National Cathedral  These angels are assigned to carry out the vengeance of God in the earth and that he was releasing them from the altar at the national cathedral to bring the vengeance of God upon those that had touched this nation.

 Billy Graham's Homecoming  And I could hear Reverend Graham as he climbed  those stairs begin to sing one last time, "Just as I am without one plea, oh Lamb of God, I come..."

The Bridge to God's Mountain  "He had finally reached the bridge, which crossed the vast and deep gully separating the mountain of men from the Mountain of God..."     

A Crown of Kingship: the Courtroom Vision of George W Bush. & Al Gore  "And I looked up and saw the High Court of God was in session.  And the Spirit of the Lord said, "The eyes of the world and of this nation are upon the Supreme Court of Florida this day awaiting their decision, but the High Court of God will decide this case."

The Devil's Boardroom  I saw the Devil as I have never seen him before: in a dark business suit sitting behind a wooden desk.  There were others sitting there in the room with him.  They were discussing where they had missed it in WWII.  What did they do wrong and what strategies could they use to win their objective this time?

The Golden Church  "There would be no further churches built nor fashioned of men. This was the final church of the church age – the Golden Church with the Spirit of Christ as her pastor... "  

He Shall be a Knight for Me   Visions of our son Richard who resides in Heaven with the Lord

The Holy Spirit and His Flaming Chariot   They continued this way, crisscrossing the nation until the chariot of fire was full of eagles, which were not consumed in the fire, but anointed and brought back to life in the fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and the Fountain of Healing  The Spirit of the Lord was riding upon a river springing forth from a beautiful fountain on earth. 

The Holy Spirit and a Well of Living Water   The well waters began bubbling and bubbling until it was gusher springing forth.  People came from all over the nearby provinces to receive of the living water. 

The Holy Spirit Inspects his Troops   "Up and down the lines He went dismissing this one and that one.  Generals were retired and young privates and captains were given promotions, for in the next campaign, the Holy Spirit of God needed troops who were with Him one hundred percent... "

The Holy Spirit walking with Men  "I see the Holy Spirit and the highest ranking powerful Angels of Heaven will be walking with men..."

Intercession 24/7   "Prayers were being lifted up and answers to prayers were being seen. And the lame were walking and there were some that came to intercede that received their miracle of healing as they were in intercession and they were delivered..."   

Is Another Attack Imminent upon America?   "An Arab man dressed in native attire came upon a nationally televised broadcast to declare this announcement:  “In retaliation against the execution of Saddam Hussein, attack upon America is imminent.  American cities will be bombed both great and small.” 

The Lost Continent & the Land of the Prophets  "This was the forgotten land of the prophets, which the Lord had resurrected once again for His purposes in Glory..." 

Now is the Time  I was awakened during the night by the presence of an Angel of the Lord shaking me awake and he said, "It is time to start praying." 

Paul's Torn Mantle  "There really is truly no where for him to go, but to you, my Lord.  And yet I feel and sense your great, great love, your grace, your compassion, oh Gentle Savior.  No, you don't condone our sin, and you don't accuse either.   Are you not the One who said so long ago, "Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone..."

Reagan's Hat & Mantle   "He dug in his heels and his golden spurs.  (Yes, he was going to heaven with his cowboy boots on.)  He pulled against the two angels who had him arm in arm and said, "I must help this young man..." 

The Sons of Liberty are Riding  " This battle is even more fierce and even more dire than the one troops are fighting now in Iraq!  It is a battle for freedom and liberty just as real as the one, which began in Boston's harbor.  

The Throne of the Holy Spirit  "Upon reaching there I saw steps coming down from the throne like a cascading staircase down to the ground, and the Holy Spirit of God was waiting for us to come up and meet with Him..." 

The Underground River of God  "I looked with my eyes and saw a fountain outside of the church begin springing forth water and there were shouts of joy from the people as the water kept coming and coming.  It was no longer dormant but alive..."

The Vision of George Washington  "The father of our country, George Washington, was a man of prayer. Many of us have read of how he went to the thicket many times to pray during the winter his army was at Valley Forge. However, little publicity has been give to the vision and prophecy he received at that time..."

A Volcano Bursts Forth   It erupted and spurted out everywhere and the clouds, and it just raced down over the ground and there was no stopping them and there was nothing that could stop it. The cloud that bursts forth goes hundreds of miles an hour and it runs down and goes across the city and just doesn't stop.        


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