A Dream of the Miraculous


a dream by Bonnie Franklin 2/28/2006


    In my dream I flew in a small plane and then was on a boat.  I believe the destination was somewhere in Africa.  But a person on the boat was killed, and out of deep compassion I went over and prayed over the dead body - deep prayer.  The words were drawn out like Kathryn would pray.  Then I began to pray in tongues and said, "As God breathed into Adam the breath of life, receive now the breath of life and live again.  Then in the dream I breathed over his body and he came back to life.

This happened again a second time with another man.  With this person the Spirit prompted me to pray, "From the top of your head," and I touched his head, "to the souls of your feet," and I rubbed the bottom of his feet, "be restored to life, in Jesus' Name."  This man, too, came back to life.

By now a group of people had gathered who were ill and diseased needing prayer.  Some were calling and reaching out to me, "Miss Bonnie, Miss Bonnie." I could not pass by without placing my hands upon the heads of each one as I went down the lines.

At the end of one line lay the body of a young boy.  His eyes and mouth were open, yet he was dead; he had been dead.  The doctor and family members proclaimed him to be dead.  I felt that flood of compassion come and began to pray over the lifeless body of the boy.  

As I was praying in tongues and started to say, "From the top of your head to the..." as I looked down to touch his feet, I saw that the arms and legs were not in the same position as they had been before.  Looking up into his face I saw that there was now life in his eyes and he was smiling at me.  His life had been restored even before I had finished the prayer.  I started laughing and asked of him, "Son, where have you been?"

     Then in the dream I was back home at a reception.  A young man was there who had previously been used to influence many children and young people to be good citizens and strive to attain goals.  However, he had backslidden in despair when the ways of the church did not meet up with his expectations and the call of the world promised satisfaction. 

I began to share with him of my trip into Africa I had recently made with a doctor and how three people were even raised from the dead.  This captured his attention.  As he went to get refreshments I had a knowing in my spirit that I needed to invite him to come on our next missionary trip, for he had a great call upon his life, and being a witness to the power of the Lord would deliver him out of his darkness and set him back on the path of his destiny with God.


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