Prophetic Words 

received by Bonnie Franklin


A Praying Nation  This country in the past has been known as one with mighty armies and mighty warships and many airplanes and strategic weapons.  But I am about to unleash the most power strategic weapon ever seen upon the face of this planet!

Angels of God are Marching  Choose ye this day whose side you are on.  The side of God or the side of man.  The lines are drawn.  The battle cry has gone forth.  The Angels of God are marching.  Get in line or step aside.

The Battle of the Army of God  You will see the armies of the allies of earth join together, but look a little higher.  See the angelic forces which do guard these nations come together and band together. 

Bring Me your Christmas Lists  Come at this holiday season and ask, for the Throne of God is here in your midst. I have come with the mighty storehouse of Heaven. 

Call upon the Name of the Lord "Do not put your security in what even godly men and good leaders can think of or devise, but put your security in the Name of the Lord."

 Church of Germany & the Surrounding Kingdoms  "And the Lord did speak unto me saying, “The Spirit of the Lord desires to move in all of Germany and the surrounding countries. Europe is ripe for a fresh touch from the Lord, the Church of Germany, and even the Church of Europe and the surrounding kingdoms..."

The Harp and the Sword  "Come, live the life of a David, one who does pray and worship, one who lifts up the scepter and the crown, but one who also rules with a sword at his side ever ready to pick up the sword and the shield in defense for God, country and home..."

The Faithful Elder "You will be pleased when you look back upon your life and say, 'I have accomplished what God has asked me to do.' Great will be your reward in Heaven..."

The Ears of the Heart "You hear the Voice of the Father in conversation with the Son instructing the Holy Spirit to send forth the Angels!"

The Glory of the Lord "You will be in awe as you see the Lord come and sit at your table.  For His train shall fill the temple..."

He may wear my Holy Mantle  "As he has passed my tests he may wear my Holy Mantle as I do release him into service for Me..." 

This House was Christened a House of Prayer "Come, let your prayers and petitions be known and I will be a God unto thee.  Raise your altar of prayer before Me and I will receive the sacrifice of prayer upon your altar, and I will even send my fire down from Heaven and all of the House of Israel will know the Holy Ghost does dwell here..."

I have seen a Joshua  "For do I not call for a Joshua to lead My People?  Do I not call for the City of Jericho to come tumbling down? This day I have seen a Joshua… and it does please the heart of the Lord thy God..."

I'm calling my Christian Soldiers  "Raise your voices to heaven. Take out your swords. Do battle for me for I will go before you. My angels are before you; they're all around you. There is much you can do.  I would even call you to come before my altar and fast and pray, and fast and pray. There is much that can be accomplished. "

Let the Banners Wave  "And yea, I am giving unto you a King who does hold two banners: the Banner of the Union in the left hand, and the Flag of the Banner of the Cross in the other.

The Love of God in Motion  "You kiss the unlovely; you welcome them in, in their state and then you show them to the banqueting table and the feast of the Lamb.  You can do that when the anointing of God does come upon you.  That's true Christianity..."

My Son of Healing Comes  I’ve given you a foretaste and allowed you to see the next move of God which is to hit, not only this state, but the nation and around the world.

Our Secret Place   Will you not set aside just a few hours to meet with Me, to sing to Me and with Me? For I long to meet with you; I long to sing to you. I have so many songs - songs of love, songs of joy. Will you not let Me sing them with you? Can this not be our special time and our secret place?

Pray for those in Seats of Authority  Say not, it is not your responsibility to pray for those who do sit in the seats of power. Do not the Scriptures say to pray for the heads of the households, pray for the heads of the church, pray for the heads of those who would even sit in the seats of government?

Prime Minister Netanyahu " Yea, the leader of that nation has many, many, many Angelic Hosts around him.   For his father, David is forever before my throne..." 

The Prophets' Joy shall come "For in that day that My Prophets do come and sit together in unity and in one accord in their rightful positions and authority, know this, that their time of joy and laughter shall come..."

The Turmoil in America & Israel "Mine archenemy does hate these two countries because they are countries, which were birthed by the Spirit of God, dedicated unto the God Jehovah-Jireh. That does not mean there will not be bloodshed but it is holy blood in my sight and they are welcomed into my heavenly arms..." 

The Trails of Life "Let not the enemy of your soul steal the song in your heart to the Lord. For yea, his mercies do endureth forever.

The Ultimate Judge   "Yea, yes the eyes of the world and this Nation are gathered and focused on another Court in this land, but look a little higher. Look a little higher, for the very Throne room of God has come down this day... and He is the Ultimate Judge." 

Welcome into the Army of Intercessors "Oh, where are my Davids?  Where are my Deborahs?  I’m calling you forth to pick up your swords.  I’m calling you forth to pick up your stones and your slingshots and pray, and pray, and pray. Do you know how much you can stop in your prayers?..."

Would you have a David or a Saul?  "You can have the kingdoms of Saul or the kingdoms of David. But know that the kingdoms of David require much sacrifice, much dedication, much righteous upright living, being true soldiers. Are you willing to enroll in that army, to enlist in that army?"

Yes, the Attacks are Coming  "Yes, the attacks are coming. You have known the years of spiritual warfare. But now you and your little ones will be walking among the real warfare, the hand to hand combat, the terrorists attacks in the night. " 



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