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The Church of Germany, of Europe 

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Prophecy by Bonnie Franklin,  May 2007    

        And the Lord did speak unto me saying, “The Spirit of the Lord desires to move in all of Germany and the surrounding countries. Europe is ripe for a fresh touch from the Lord, the Church of Germany, and even the Church of Europe and the surrounding kingdoms.

       Do not let your hands be bound as you would go about the Father’s business, but be free to move and to go and to do, even as my servant Paul. Did you not know the Church of Ephesus rests in a foreign land, the land of the Turks?   Paul ministered way outside the boundaries of a local church, the Church of Jerusalem. He was free to come and to go, and he went forth on missionary journeys and the light of the Gospel was established in many churches and cities all around the empire of the Roman world.

     Who knows the limits of what God can do, when he has willing vessels to move through. I say now, Germany and Europe is opening her doors with welcoming arms. Come and sit and eat at the table of the Lord in the houses of children – even those who are predestined unto Salvation. Did you know you have a limitless list of guests that you may invite to sit at his table beside thee?

     Invite whom you will and be amazed at who will accept, some out of curiosity, others out of a deep inner desire and need to know and to touch a stronger power. And even some of the House of Esau will come, and those destined from the House of Ishmael, too. Be not surprised whom the Lord will send you unto, Peter. For even as the nations do make war against their brothers, those who have corrupted the teachings of Abraham, I still will have my elect upon the earth; I still will have those called forth onto Me out of every nation and every kindred and every tribe and every tongue - even those who are despised at other tables. Suffer all the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.

     Come be missionary servants unto Me unto the Germanic peoples and tribes, the Icelandic nations, the House of Romanov, the French and Portuguese, even the brothers in Italy. It is limitless I say the numbers of guests that you may invite to come unto Me. Are you willing now to go? Will you be my ambassadors into the neighboring kingdoms? Will you go on missionary journeys as never before?  Become even as those in America who sent forth did map and explore the west. There’s more names that will go down in history, more names that will blaze fires in ‘the Western world’, more servants unto Me as in the likes of John and Charles Wesley, more servants of God hungry and thirsty for their God to come and move upon his people. 

     May you go forth now and map your journeys. All of Europe lays open before thee because therein is a people who are hungry and thirsty for the things of God even if they do not know it.  I said, even if they do not know it!  For the God of the ancient cathedrals is stirring upon the ancient altars. A light is burning inside stained glass windows. Fan now the flames with your worship, with your prayers, with your intercessions, with your fasting, with your reading of the Holy Scriptures in my presence back unto Me. Remind the heart of God this day of his promises written long ago. Read once again the promises of the ancient Scriptures - those collected and those forgotten.

     Go after the Precious One. Seek him with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. Covet the precious Holy things of your Lord. Carry the precious truths of God even as a ring upon a necklace around your neck. Destroy now the works of the enemy. May his hold over these lands be undone, I say. May a holy decree go forth in the Name of the Lord for the restoration of his kingdom upon the earth.

     Walk now in the footsteps of Peter and Paul. Walk in the path of the ancient missionaries. Receive the ancient mantles and anointings. Let the breath of the Holy Spirit blow now upon thee and all around thee and within thee. May your very shadow illuminate his presence – the presence of an Almighty God. May my people see the Glory of the Lord inhabit his temple once more with a light that will never go out. May my temple be lit with Angelic beings worshipping the Lord crying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb that was slain. Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb."  As my people call upon the Name of the Lord, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, may they see his Glory cover the whole earth.

     Take back the land. Push back the darkness and the spirits of darkness. May the Spirit of Light and Good and Truth overtake the dark lands. For this is the day and this is time and this is the season for a New Awakening. A new day is dawning upon my Church. For the light of my Spirit has come and is even lit within thee.  Go now and light the candles of men. Light the lamps. Make ready, for your Bridegroom cometh and his Spirit is even now with thee. 

     Comfort, comfort ye, my people. Let Me once again comfort my sheep. Feed my lambs, Peter. Water the flocks, Paul. May my sheep find rest in Me.

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