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Armies of Judeao-Christian Soldiers

    Prophecy by Bonnie Franklin, June 2007    

      Some are concerned about the length of the battle and the soldiers lives that have been lost.  But in this very nation and on this ground were there not more soldiers who died in a single day?  Thousands and thousands died at Gettysburg when the north and the south did clash their swords.  

     And so worry not about the length of days.  It's but a drop in the bucket; it's but a drop in the bucket.  For has not this very battle been waging for thousands of years?  It began outside the throne room in heaven when the enemy of your soul was thrown out with the rebellious ones.  And it has continued and it will continue and peace will not reign on the earth until the Son of Man does come.  Until the Lord Jesus does come and sit upon that throne in Jerusalem you will know the battle even as I know the battle, even as my angels are fighting daily.  When Daniel was in prayer the angels were in warfare.  

  In the days and the times when you think you're at peace, look up above and see the angels that are fighting and feel the peace.  It's an eternal conflict and it will have an eternal everlasting conclusion when Satan is finally bound in that bottomless pit then you will know your time of peace.  

     And I would even tell you this day, there's a day coming when you will see the armies of the Judeao- Christian soldiers gathered together.  You will see the flag of the lion, the flag of the eagle and the star of David united.  And even if the whole world steps back and it's but these three, they will stand against the enemy.  They will not let Jerusalem be taken!  And they will greet the King of Kings; they will greet the King of Kings!  They will welcome him in.  

     So look up a little higher.  See the destinies upon this planet and play your role.  Play your part as the intercessors.  Look with the eyes of the Eternal One and see your salvation.  See your Prince is coming.  Look forward to that day.  Be concerned about that day.  

Comments: When giving this prophecy I saw a battlefield where three armies were gathered together on three flanks in defense of Jerusalem and there were riders on horseback bearing flags of their nations colors: the flag of the lion, the flag of the eagle and the flag of the star of David representing I believe the nations of Great Britain, the United States and Israel.  And even if for the two it is only intelligence and support behind the scenes, it will be counted unto them as being in the midst of the battle.

     An interesting fact Rosenberg brings out in his book, Epicenter, was how America's fleet was sent to Israel's aide in the wars and rumor of war in 1967 and 1973.  And the Lord would say, "She shall come to her aide again, as the mother and daughter countries shall unite to preserve the country of the Child."  (which is to say Mother England and her daughter America shall unite to preserve the country of Christ's birth.)  

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