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They say that the time of the prophets has come to an end

That men having dreams & visions & revelations is all pretend

They say that no longer does the Spirit of God cause a man to speak

They say that no one can cast out demons or perform miraculous feats.


But the Father would say, to look to His Son

Was He not the most gifted?

Was He not the most prophetic one?

And did He not say, "Greater things than this shall ye do?"

To preach, pray and baptize just names a few


What other things was He speaking of that day?

What were the things that the Scriptures do say?


They shall cast out devils

And speak with new tongues

By the Word of the Father

In the Name of His Son

They shall heal the sick

And raise the dead

Doing signs & wonders is what He said


And so will we choose to believe His words?

Or believe like some others His power has left the earth?


We know that His prophets shall live again

For in Revelation two prophets are seen again

Yet men in their unbelief have them killed and stoned

But God resurrects them; the Hall of Martyrs shall be their home

So, let their words and anointings be judged by Our King

For all men don't see as the Spirit does see


And at the end of all time

What shall it matter what title was thine

Of Apostle, Pastor, Prophet or King

A Wiseman, Gifted One or Revelator of things…


What shall matter then is this:

That they brought sight to the blind

Restored life to the lifeless and healings to mankind

They foretold the events of nations and kings

Speaking words of divine wisdom and revelations of dreams

And in the many touched by their words and their hands

God's gifts of the Spirit were delivered unto man.


And if you would ask them they would only say

They wish to follow the path of the Master

And to walk in His ways

For when they do leave this world for a better place

All they long for is to see the Lord Jesus' face


Though men may call them lunatics and crazies

Dreamers and soothsayers, faith healers and fakes

They know that in the end it's what the Lord does say of them

Which will only matter then


For on that day when old things shall pass away

And God does make the earth brand new

Their hearts cry shall be for all of Eternity

That the Master does call them His Friends


They say that the time of the prophets has come to an end

They say that men being prophets is all just pretend;

But the Father would say

"My Prophets have always been here with men

From the beginning of time and down to the end."


And so, may we stand with the Father this day and say,

"These men are His Prophets, for they walk in His ways!

May we call them by name and welcome them home;

May they no longer be outcasts and wanderers

Without a place of their own."


May we link arms with them this day and reply

"These men are our brothers and for them we'll die!

We here and now accept their visions and dreams,

Their knowings and foretellings and revelations of things.

We desire this day to be one who's named among men

As a friend of the prophets on whom they can depend."


And at the end of all time

When the Lord does ask of how we spent out lifetime,

May we not have to hang our head and say

"We despised your men and servants

For we knew not they were your anointed ones of our day."


But may we be able

To honestly answer and give this reply

"These men were our friends

And we fought by their sides

For we knew them to be of Christ, Our Lord and King,

As we saw in them His smile, His love and tender mercy.


We knew they were called by Our Lord to be His very own,

For His love was in their hearts

And His eyes shone in their own.

We welcomed them into the family

And treasured their gifts as being sent by Our King;

We received their words of wisdom

Their many visions and their dreams

In our hearts we chose to honor them

By the love and thanks we gave as offerings."


For when all this life is over

And when all has been done and said

May we echo the Words of the Master,

Welcome home, My dearly loved friends.


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