There is no one, no not one

~ a prophetic poem received by Bonnie Franklin ~


The Lord says for you to take the fifth

Admit to nothing even if anything they say against you is true

For who made them judge and ruler over you?

It's just a court of men and not the High Court of Heaven

Let's open up the books

And read the record of their sins!


There is not one - no not one

Who can claim no blemish against their name

Sins of the heart, sins of the mind,

Sins of the spirit of the worst kind,

Sins against their children and their wife,

Sins against their neighbors,

Sins of brotherly strife.


Take your case to the Judge of Heaven and let it be

Let no man be judge and ruler over you

No matter how righteous he may look, sound or seem

For every earthly man has a manmade kingdom and plan

They think they have so much that they can loose

They'll not gamble it away

No matter how much love they may have shown you to this day


Realize that no one, no not one

On earth does value you as highly as I do

And no one will come so quickly to your defense and rescue

If they think their lands & kingdoms they'll loose


So deny them the satisfaction of saying

They knew this was how it was going to be and end

Take the record of your faults to the grave with you

No matter how big or small they would seem to them

Sign not your name on the dotted line

Give them not the satisfaction this time

For this day, the Lord of the Heavens

Does draw the line in the sand

Let one accuser step forward

Who can claim a life of perfection and lack of any sins

There is none righteous

There is no one, no not one


Listen not to their "holier than you are" tones or looks of disgust

For I do say, there's not a one, not one single man

Who can calm the title of a pure & innocent lamb


Fall upon the Horns of the Altar this day

Avail thyself of the Holy Blood

And all of your accusers will have to go away

Climb there, high and close beside Me

Remain there quiet; give them nothing

Not even one word shall you speak!


Give them not the satisfaction

Of casting a blemish against your name

It's all up to you now

Just keep quiet and you'll be safe.


For the Lord says,

Admit to nothing

Even if any of it is true

Stay close beside the Master

For your Lord does want to rescue you


Behold, there are two doors

Leading out of the cell you find yourself in

Behind one does stand the Lord of Hosts

Behind the other, a mob of angry men

Choose ye the door of the Lord this day and be not afraid


If you're alone as you walk out that long hallway

Because your Brother is waiting there for you

And the Holy Spirit, your closest friend

And with your Father in Heaven watching over you

The Angels will guide each step until you reach your journey's end


So choose the side of God this day

And not the designs of men

Because only your God can make beautiful rainbows

From the storms of Hell's fury

And cause the sun to shine again


But men of earth will choose to demolish

The works and memories of a life

Clear away all the rubble

Building instead upon the wreck of a life.

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