Jesus, the Healer
by Kathryn Kuhlman

"Today, Jesus stands ready to hear your cry and to answer prayer for you. He is interested in every detail of your life. He knows you better than you know yourself and is touched with the feeling of your infirmities and your needs. 

It is my prayer that even now Jesus shall make His Person and Presence a reality to you and give you His faith, and complete confidence in His power and love and promises - and the desire of your heart."

The Power of the Holy Spirit
by Kathryn Kuhlman

"Many have been the times when I have felt like taking the shoes off my feet, knowing that the ground on which I stood was holy ground.  Many are the times when the power of the Holy Ghost is so present in my own body that I have to struggle to remain on my feet.  

Many are the times when His very Presence healed sick bodies before my eyes; my mind is so surrendered to the Spirit, that I know the exact body being healed: the sickness, the affliction, and in some instances, the very sin in their lives.  And yet I could not pretend to tell you why or how!

From the beginning, as now, I was wholly sure of two things: first, that I had nothing to do with what was happening, and second, I knew that it was the supernatural power of Almighty God.  I have been satisfied to leave the why and the how to Him, for if I knew the those two questions, then I would be God!

In the light of God's great love, tenderness and compassion, the Holy Spirit revealed to me my worthlessness and helplessness of self.  His greatness was overwhelming; I was only a sinner, saved by the grace of God.  The power was his and the glory and this glory, His glory, He will not share with any human being.

... the Holy Spirit is the power of the Trinity.  It was His power which raised Jesus from the dead.  It is that same Resurrection power that flows through our physical bodies today, healing and sanctifying."

What is Faith?
by Kathryn Kuhlman

"Faith is more than belief; it is more than confidence; it is more than trust... Faith is a gift of God or a fruit of the Spirit, and whether it be gift or fruit, the source and the origin of faith remain the same.  It comes from God and is a gift of God. 

There have been times when I have felt faith so permeate every part of my being, that I have dared to say and do things which, had I leaned to my own understanding or reason, I would never have done.  Yet it flowed through every word and act with such irresistible power that I literally stood in wonder at the mighty works of the Lord.

The faith imparted to the sinner for salvation is solely the result of God's mercy and grace.  It is a gift.  The faith that is imparted to the individual for the healing of his physical body is again only the result of God's mercy; the overflow of His great compassion and grace.  It is a gift.  You do not pray for faith; you seek the Lord, and faith will come.

... We become defeated when we fasten our eyes on circumstances, our own problems, our weaknesses, our physical illnesses.  The surest way in the world to be defeated is to focus our mind on ourselves.  No person need ever be defeated on a single score; no person needs to lack faith.  

Look up and see Jesus!  He is your faith; He is our faith.  It is not faith that you must seek, but Jesus.  The Giver of every good and perfect gift is the Author and Finisher of out Faith!

My faith in the power of God is the same as that exercised by any physician or surgeon when he believes in the healing and the curing of his patient.  He waits for nature (God) to heal gradually, while I believe that God has the ability to heal, not only through a gradual process, but should He so will, His is the ability and the power to heal instantly."

A Great Restoration
by Kathryn Kuhlman

"I have said for a long time, and I believe this with every atom of my being: it's all a great restoration.  Everything that happened in the early Church is being restored to the Church now - everything.   And it's happening so very quickly.  It's happening so fast.

This last hour all the fruits, all the gifts of the Spirit are being restored to the Church... There will be times, even in moments such as this, when there will be such oneness in the Spirit, when the Holy Ghost has come upon those in an assembly - that waves of glory will come upon them and every person present will be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive that baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that!"

Beginning of Miracles
by Kathryn Kuhlman 

The Secret of Miracles
by Kathryn Kuhlman

The Ministry of Healing
by Kathryn Kuhlman

The Power of God
by Kathryn Kuhlman

The Great Price
by Kathryn Kuhlman

"I want to share something that's vitally important.  I do not believe that God has given me something special... God has not given to me one that that He'll not give to anyone, if you'll pay the price.

I would like to tell you the price is cheep... but God has no bargains.  Young people, I would lie to you if I were to tell you that is comes cheap... There's a price, and it depends on what you want most.  

Yesterday the thousands in this arena only saw the miracles, and they saw the glory, but very few of them could see the price that was paid before those miracles took place.

... You want to know the secret of this ministry?  Kathryn Kuhlman died... Beloved, there's a cross... a cross is the symbol of death... For some of you, it may be a little harder to die on that cross.  That cross is there.  Little do you know what God will do for you, if you'll only surrender.  Say, "I die on my cross."  Say it again: "I die on my cross... Nothing else matters; nothing else matters."


" The Healer" 

a poem written for Pastor Benny Hinn

   Occasionally the heart of the Lord gives poems for people.  We believe that they may even be called prophetic poems. Many times they come out as if the Lord himself were speaking, even as He did on earth so many years ago. The human author writes the words down, but they are not of his mind or his spirit.  It is almost as if they are personal letters written from Heaven - we just get to deliver the mail.  ~ Bonnie Franklin


     How many of you fell even more in love with the Lord after reading Benny’s Good Morning Holy Spirit? What a beautifully written love story from the heart of a man who is passionate for the Spirit of the Lord. It so reminded me of my friendship with Jesus that I had discovered in my teens… I used to go on “walks with the Lord” in the early evenings. Back then I thought I would die if I missed my walk with Jesus, the one who loved and understood me.

     Benny had this love relationship with God the Holy Spirit and we all wanted it as well. We would get up early just to catch a glimpse of Benny on the TV singing those wonderful songs. Even my little girl would place her hands on the screen and pray along with him during the programs. The more we watched, the more in faith we grew, and the more we fell in love with our Lord, the Healer.

     It was after catching a full crusade program shown on TBN, the Lord gave me dreams and visions of Benny in my sleep. When I awoke, I could hear the words of this poem ringing in my ears, from the heart of the Holy Spirit, whom Benny so greatly loves… 


 The Healer

       by Bonnie Franklin 1992

What do you see as you stand 
Before the millions ministering for Me?
What do you hear as you see the falling tears
Of a mother, a son, a friend with her loved one?

What do you feel out under the lights?
The warmth of my presence the Father of lights.
What do you smell as the choir does sing?
The fragrance of incense - a Holy Offering.

What do you touch as you take someone's hand?
A dear brother & sister
As they rise to walk again.
What do you know
As the Scriptures you quote?
Promises of long ago now coming true for you.

It is Me that you see
In the tears on their cheeks;
It is Me that you feel
As they do sing the anthems sweet.

It is Me that you hear
As they shout loud and clear,
"I am healed; I am free;
The Lord has touched Me!"
It is Me that you do see
Down deep in their eyes
As they reach out their hands
As you walk and pass by.

Yes, it is Me now in thee
That they can see in you.
I Am in everything that you say and you do;
I Am in your smile as you look upon their face;
I Am in your touch and your loving embrace;
I Am in your jump as you do leap so with glee;
I Am in the many crowds that follow closely.

It is Me, my sons, that they see
As I live now through you
For the old man had died
And the new one shines through.
It's the light of my Spirit
And the hope of my dreams
The joy of my presence
They can sense now through thee
And as you do humbly allow Me
To be in thee.

Yea, shall all men now know
And all men now see
The light of my Spirit 
And the joy of my face
The love of my heart
As each child you so lovingly take.

It is Me that they love
And as I do so love you
I will walk nigh in friendship
For I've discipled you now, too.
Walk on, my Peter
Stand tall, my Paul
Doubt not, my Thomas,
Frail not, my son, John.

Will you all be
Apostles for Me?
Ones, who will teach, train and lead?
And surely, I also will you companions bring
As Paul had my Silas,
And Barnabas and Timothy
As James had his Peter and Andrew and John
Yea, there are others who are coming 
To follow close to my Son.

So, go forth and proclaim ye
The great Good News;
The Messiah is coming
The Scriptures are true.
"Rise and be healed"
"He touched me" it's true;
The songs of the redeemed,
Of the souls set free,
Now resound deep within in you.

Raise your voice now
And with the Angels sing to the sky,
"Yeshua, it is you and not I
You are come that they might have life
And life more abundantly;
You are come to heal the sick
And to set the captives free;
You are come to raise the dead 
And to make the blind eyes to see;
You are come to restore the hope
Of life eternally in the hearts of humanity."

"You are come to heal the deaf
And to make the children speak again;
You are come, so that the lame might stand
And rise to walk again;
You are come to loose the tongue
That the voices might sing again;
You are come, to show one and all,
I Am, that I Am, that I Am."

       written for Pastor Benny Hinn by Bonnie Franklin 1992

Listen to the Angels sing by Stacey Swalley


         Bonnie Franklin is a graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.  Her deepest heart's desire is worship and communion with the Lord.  During times of corporate prayer, she flows in prophecy, intercession, and prophetic song. 

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