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A Queen named Esther did have a son
And called him John the Master's son
For as her child she did give
Him back to the Lord in His service to live.

She watched as a lad he did grow and play
Praying over him both night and day
She stood so near yet far away
As he came to manhood on his wedding day.

She dreamed a dream that he'd be a King
A ruler in God's mighty army
And low this day her dream is coming true
As he steps into that place prepared by you

For now the prophet has become a King
To rule over the sheep that you will bring
And may this not be just a passing thing
As he does wear the mantle that the Angels do bring.

And so the Queen does look on with pride
As she says to herself,
"Behold, the son that I did give to God
Has come back to me seeking my blessings
And prayer offerings.

He's a good son, Lord; one that I've adored;
May you love also this one whom I've loved and caressed
Bless him always and guard him safely
Watch over his household; may each one now be blessed.

I bless his city and the crown that he does wear
May he wear it now gladly and cherish each soul there
For I know there is love and compassion in this son of mine
For I've seen it come from within him many a time.

I accept this role and place this day
For now, my Lord, until that coming day
When he does walk into all you've prepared for him
In this life on earth and on into the next
As a disciple of you to be eternally blessed.

I release him for a time, but when the Angels do so say
Once again in the night hour I'll call out his name

And John the Revelator will rise again
Once more to ride upon the land
And as the Eagle does fly shall he be forever free
To soar in the love of God's eyes for all to see

And one day may all the world know what I knew
The very first day that I gave him unto you
He's apart of you, God, this one you gave to me
May he see what I see in now and believe
In his rule and ministry you've designed him to be
John, the Beloved, a son of destiny.

Born to live, yet born to die
Born to fulfill all that you have designed
May this child of mine be all that you've called for him to be
May all of the dreams and visions now become a reality
As he accepts the holy ring that You place upon his hand,
And in his realm may there be now holy men.

Men who will rise and walk and pray
To seek the face of our God both night and day
Men who will study and men who will sing
Men who will give their lives as a holy offering
Unto the Name of the God most High
Men who will live for the Lord until the day that they do die.

I dedicate this man and his life unto you
And may all of the plans and the dreams of our God now come true."

And the Queen did smile as she put out the light
As whispered prayers she did speak forth in the night
"Angels of the most High, be with him now, my son
May he have nothing more to fear nor to dread
I charge thee to guard him well
May no evil come nigh his stead
I entrust him into God's tenderest care
May His heavenly host look after him there."

And the Queen did rest for she trusted in the Lord
Her most precious gift - the child she had born
For truly he was a child of the Most High God
And her God would look after her son, John

~ Written for Esther Jackson, mother of John Paul, by Bonnie Franklin, 1992 ~



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