A Prayer for Two    




I pray, dear Lord

That you’ll comfort my friends this day

That together they’ll find their hearts comforted

As they kneel there before Thee and begin to pray

Although, we don’t know why

And although it’s so hard to understand

Still may they continue to worship

And trust Thee with all of their plans

Their plans for hearth

and family and home

Their plans to serve Thee always

And from each other never to roam

May your Spirit be there

Now and always

May they have complete faith

And trust in Thee

As they come now as lowly servants

And lay their petitions at Thy feet

May they hear your Voice more clearer

And more distinctly now than ever before

May they know divine wisdom

As you make your written Word

More real than ever before

May they bend before the Potter

As You kneed them now the clay

May they trust in your tender kneading

For you’re the designer of the earthly clay

May they never wonder inside

Or begin to have to question why

When You snip a little here and there

Or when you add more water to liquefy

Any hardness or impurities from out of their souls and hearts

For You’re designing a most holy pair of vessels

In which there can be no cracks or spots

May they find rest now

And have complete faith and trust in Thee

And in Thee alone

As they walk on in this life knowing,

No, they’re not alone!

For you’ve sent the Son

To be their constant Savior and Friend

The One in whom they worship

The One on whom they do depend

And you’ve sent the Angels

As ever glowing Beacons of Light

To shine forth in this world’s darkness

To reveal the Holy Truths

Dividing what is wrong from right

The faithful defenders of the Faith

Followers of Your disciples

From the Time of Christ

Down to these, the Latter Days.

And you’ve sent the Spirit

The Most Holy One

To be their inner witness

Their Ever Comforting One

And you’ve sent these two forth together

To be bonded forever ‘til Heaven

As they live here on earth

As two disciples of the Father

A son & daughter of true heavenly worth

Who’s to say what they shall someday be

As they continue to spin upon the Potter’s wheel

As they kneel in prayer at Thine feet

I pray this day, dear Lord

That whatever you do

That you’ll continue to guide them always

Showering them with your divine love and friendship true

For no matter how hard this walk here on earth

may become and may yet be

No matter how many tears both of their eyes may see

No matter how many plans may wither and die at their feet

No matter how high they count the cost

No matter how costly they see their dreams

You’ve promised, My Lord

To always be there as a constant loyal understanding friend

For you’ll always be there with them

On this they can depend

May they continue to have faith and trust in you

As they give to you their hearts now

though broken and confused

For you’ve promised to always be there

As their Good Master and Honest King

You’ll always take care of them

In the shelter of your wings


May they walk on together now

One at a time if need be

For the one can carry the other

With his strength, and his beliefs

And the younger can carry the elder

With her tenderness and gentle ways

And in this way one at a time may they walk all of their days

Each one having taking a part in finding their way

And together may they travel on

The husband and the wife

Sheltered by Your Angels

Through out the rest of their days and nights

Together finding rest and peace in their souls

Knowing that you are indeed with them

For they are counted within your Fold

And this way together may they walk on

Under Your watchful Eye

An Eye of love, strength and communion

In the heart of the Lord may they forever be

Until the day that they may die

And on that day, may the Angels declare

In these two servants was found such faith and wisdom

For they trusted the Lord with all of their cares

For they laid all of their trials and burdens down at His feet

And walked on together in His love

From the pain of earth to the joy Eternity


For their trust was in their God Above

The Most Loving One of All

And within the heart of the Father, the Son and the Spirit

They found the strength to withstand it all

All the trial, and troubles and tribulations of life

All of the pains and the worries and the strife of earthly life

And together in Holy Communion

they did grow and live and love

Bonded as one in the Spirit

Forged in fire they did become one


Copyright 1999 by Bonnie Franklin




Ministry of Bonnie Franklin


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