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Holy Spirit Within Us   "The Lord revealed to me that the Holy Spirit who was living within my loved one would be her source of deliverance.  I wrote a declaration prayer birthed by the Holy Spirit in my journal, and within a matter of days the Lord sent a man of God to break the power of the enemy and set her free! 

Muslims seeing Visions of Jesus  "Muslims are seeing visions of Jesus Christ.  He is coming to them and speaking to them, and they are repenting and giving their lives to Him..." 

Praying in the Midnight Hours   If he wakes you up early then heed the Spirit's wooing and come into the Lord's presence and spend that time with him on your knees, walking the floor praying in the Spirit and in the understanding also. 

Prepare your Hearts for the Changes of God  It will be a day of healing and restoration where it will be commonplace to see the manifest miracles of your God, to feel His presence. 

Spirit Mates   We've often heard the term "soul mate" when people talk about falling in love when speaking of a life long friend.  But I've never heard anyone talk about their "spirit mate".     

Times of Intercession   Have not the greatest visions and deepest dreams been born in times of prayer? Hannah prayed and God gave the Prophet Samuel to the nation.  Is behind every great man and ministry of God a praying intercessor living and breathing times of intercession?

Walk in Paths of Righteousness   He bought not only our Salvation, but he bought for us righteousness and holiness, and that will be the requirement for those chosen to wear the mantles of healing - a walk of holiness. 



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Have you felt the anointing of the Spirit and been touched by our Lord? Please feel free to give what God lays on your heart to continue to make it possible for Don & Bonnie to minister evangelizing the world for Jesus. 

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