Muslims seeing Visions of Jesus
   by Bonnie Franklin, June 2007   


   This week when reading Epicenter - Why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future by Joel Rosenberg, I was amazed to hear the accounts of Muslims turning to Christ through supernatural encounters with our Lord Jesus!  

     In Iraq, "Muslims are seeing visions of Jesus Christ.  He is coming to them and speaking to them, and they are repenting and giving their lives to him.  Shiites!  I'm talking about Shiite Muslims seeing visions of Jesus and becoming his followers...".  In Iran, what is bringing them to the Lord is visions and dreams of Jesus.  

     In the words of one Iranian pastor:  "A factory manager recently showed up at a church.  We didn't need to share the gospel with him.  We didn't need to persuade him of anything, which was good, in a way, because many in our congregation are terrified to share their faith.  But this man already believed because Jesus had spoken to him in a dream.  In fact, he said that Jesus had been personally teaching him the way to follow him for two hours a day for an entire year." (pg 215-219)

     When we receive prophecy at times it is as if we can see the Lord speaking in our spirit's eye.  Then there re are times the Holy Spirit chooses to teach through visions and dreams.  But as Christian we are seeking and spending time with him.  Yet we have a our loving God who desires to draw men unto himself out of every nation and every tribe, so much so that when the doors are closed to the evangelists on earth, they are not closed to the Holy Spirit.  Our God is even sending revelations to reach and to save those in other lands destined unto salvation.

     It is as our Lord spoke, " I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  Although Iran is an anti-Christian nation, the Lord God in Heaven is reaching out to seek and to save that which is lost, walking through Islamic walls and building his church, appearing to people in visions and dreams bringing them unto Salvation.  May we treasure the dreams and visions of our Lord harkening to his voice as he speaks and communes with our spirits always. 





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