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Rebuilding the Walls  

Don Franklin is the 2nd speaker during this conference at Ignited Church.  You may scroll to the 1hr 56min mark in the video to view his teaching.



  Rebuilding the Walls Celebration

  Be blessed as you watch this service from Ignited Church with Paul Wilbur. Don Franklin leads the congregation in prophetic declarations during the corporate worship. 

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Mission Trips for 2010

Germany, Israel, England, France, Japan

There will be a New Move
              ~ prophecy by Don Franklin, Ignited Church, June 2010

     For the bones of ancient movements are rattling in their graves.  Old hands shall reach across the stretch of time and join hands with young hands and there will a new move come out of the Earth. There will be a new thing birthed out of the Earth.  

I will once again, saith the Lord, cross my hands and I will anoint those who do not expect to be anointed and I will set down those who've exalted themselves; for everyone who exalts himself shall be humiliated before the Lord.

God says, woe to those who go to deep, deep, deep trouble to hide their plans from the Almighty.  For in the backroom they have smoked cigars and drank glasses of whiskey and congratulated themselves even now upon having carved up the next move of God and crowned themselves as king. 

But I have news for them, saith the Lord.  I am coming; I am coming; I am coming and I will bring with Me, my apostles.  I will bring with Me, my chosen ones; I will bring with Me those that I have gone even to the fishing nets and dragged out of the ocean, even to the buildings and dragged out of the business realm, and the tax collecting, and I will once again anoint my apostles and they will walk the Earth, and they will shake the kingdoms.  They will do signs and wonders.

And there will be those who have even congratulated themselves at this moment having carved up territory and made deals, secret deals, saith the Lord, behind the scenes craving up vast amounts of territory and proclaiming themselves as king – using the wisdom of this world to manipulate and control the next move of God.

It will not happen, saith the Lord, for they are coming.  Great dreadnaughts of God are coming.  They will come up out of nowhere, like this one who came out of Africa.  No one saw him coming.  No one knew who this one was, and yet he dominated the world.

Once again, saith God, I will once again marvelously, wondrously deal with this people and I will bring forth apostles of unprecedented power and anointing to rule and reign in the body of Christ.

Oh, hang on.  No one’s going to map this one out; no one’s going to see it coming; no one’s going to know exactly what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it, because I will not reveal it to the hand of man, but you will hear it from the mouth of prophets before it happens.

Great and marvelous things – the dread of the Lord is coming; the fear of the Lord is coming.  Men will tremble in their boots at the anointing of God.  As it enters the room they will fall on their faces, confessing their sins and proclaiming that He is Lord.

The day is coming, saith God, when you will not talk about signs and wonders, you will do signs and wonders.  Oh, I’m going to lift up the meek and the lowly; I’m going to lift up those who have been at the back of the feast, and they are running forward now to take the leadership under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. 

The Move that Never Ends

~ prophecy by Don Franklin, Ignited Church  03/28/10

         There is a river that makes glad the streams in the City of our God and that river is flowing and it is global.  I have earmarked certain fellowships and places for visitations this year, 2010.    

This thing is high on the list for a powerful mighty, mighty move of God.  This is the one that is going to begin and not end.  This is the song that never ends.  This is the move that never ends.  This is the touch of God upon this globe to strengthen you for end-time events.  

You are at the tip of the spear, saith God.  Have you not always been in the past at the tip of the spear?  Do you not bear the brunt of the enemy's assaults? Oh, you are shock troops for the Lord, saith God - shock troops.  Many of you are veteran combat intercessors, prophets and leaders in the Body of Christ.

I will release from this House multiple, multiple, multiple ministries to the nations.  This will be a House that sends out apostles, prophets, and ministry teams all over globe.  And they will go and they will come; and they will go and they will come; and they will go and they will come.  This will be one of the busiest spots in the Body of Christ.  

So, yes, get ready; you will expand.  It's all on the plans; it's all on the charts, but not without a fight, not without some trial and tribulation, so hunker down, saith God.  Get your combat gear on.  Get ready; get ready; get ready.  The Lord is sending in Angels, but the enemy is sending in forces also.  

There will be a combat; there will be a test.  There will be a trail; there will be a place where you must press through, but God says you're going in; you're going through.  Everything that is not of Me is going to be squeezed off.  

People that do not belong in leadership are going.  People who would be a hindrance in the future will be ranked out, saith God.  Only those that have a heart for God, a heart for My plans will remain.  Get ready because I'm going to uproot some things but I'm going to bring in some new ones. 

The Passionate Bride of Christ

~ prophecy by Don Franklin in Duisburg, Germany  April 2010

         Even as the praise of the House of Germany arises to the throne of God, there’s a fragrance being released to the nations.  Fear not, saith the Lord.  For out of the House of Germany shall come many signs, many wonders.

I am even now globally, bringing forth the Bride of Christ.  Five of the ten virgins are stepping forward to say, “I love Him.  I don’t care what the trial, what the obstacle.  I must have Him. “

I am releasing the anointing of tears to the Body of Christ.  A great, great, great love is being imparted.  Oh, it is a love for the Savior.  It is a love for God.  And out of this great love and out of these weeping tears will come the Bride of Christ. 

And out of the House of Germany will come passion, passion, passion – such a passion for the Savior, as the world has not seen.  Oh, there will be a glorious arduous passion coming out of Germany and it will ignite a love of God in the Body of Christ.

Rejoice, saith the Lord; rejoice, saith the Lord.  For I am dropping that love upon this House.  This House will be known as the Passionate Bride of Christ.  You will send out ambassadors to every nation with a burning love for God, a burning love for God, a burning love for God; and out of this love will come signs and wonders, powerful preaching, prophetic utterances.

But the center of this movement is going to be the love of God and the love of the Savior. 

The Clash of the Ages

~ teaching by Don Franklin ~

     And the voices of the past, such as Churchill and other great world leaders are speaking the warnings of the future, as we watch the rise of the new Arab Nazism and other groups on this planet bound and determined once again to put humanity under their heel and rule and reign as a tyrannical force.

As we watch the rise of liberalism, humanism, and all of the ungodly influences in the political realm beginning to unite with the territorial designs of the European empires and the long held back Asian desires to be dominate forces in the world.  Christianity seems to be on the reeling point – on the ropes, so to speak. 

And yet there is that invisible army of God that is rising worldwide that will not be denied.  The clash of ages is upon us; it is here.  I believe we are the generation that is going to witness not only the greatest moves that God has done since the time of Moses and Christ, but also some of the greatest horrors and terrors unleashed on this planet. 

So, prepare yourself as you head to the future.  Get ready; get ready; get ready.  Sharpen your sword; polish your armor; straighten your shield and your helmet for you will need them in the coming days.   Great conflict is coming to the earth; great battles are going to be fought.   

You will have to know the God that you serve.  You will have to know who you are and where you stand and what your beliefs are, for some of you very well may end up giving your life for Christ in the coming days.  Now is the time to check your armor, to reposition yourself, to strengthen yourself in the Lord.  David strengthened himself.

I would encourage all Christians across this world to once again rededicate yourselves to God, to cleanse your life.  Get ready for the future.  As great darkness descends upon this planet, great light is also going to come up from the Church.  Where sin does abound, grace does much more superfluity abound.  There is coming an abounding grace to the believer – an abounding anointing to the Church. 

But you must be in the position such as wind.  The sails must be open for the wind to catch them.  You have to unfurl your sails in God.  You have to have the boat ready to ride the wind of God.  It’s coming.

But get yourself ready.  Get yourself clean before the Lord, prepared before the Lord.  Move into seasons of fasting and prayer.  Draw nigh unto God; He will draw nigh unto you.  Catch the grace of God that is falling on this generation.

Stand strong; stand firm.  As Stephen stood before the council and gave witness to God, so prepare yourself to stand before this world, and give a witness for that which you believe in and the hope that lies within you.  For He will pour out tremendous anointing on groups, churches and individuals to bare witness to the Light in the end-times.   


 Angel of Amends 

~ a dream by Bonnie Franklin ~  


         I dreamed I was watching a live news broadcast. On screen was a mainline church where the pastor and his followers were barricading themselves inside of the old brick building, and at sundown they would lock the doors. 

After dark, a well-known minister dressed up incognito, walked past in front of the church when there was the echo of a gunshot. The minister was thrown back to the ground taken by surprise. The news station played the shooting again from another angle as the tickertape ran below stating the well-known minister had been shot and murdered that evening."

Dear Holy Spirit, what does this mean? How would you have us to pray? 

Know that I, the Lord God, am calling men, church leaders and ministries into account. And that which they thought was done in secret, that which they thought was done incognito, that which was covered and hidden from the eyes of many, is indeed now being brought forth into the open.

So, those of you who do consider yourselves to be in church leadership, do not try to hide. There is no place to hide, or to barricade yourselves from the eyes of the all seeing God. All things will be brought to the surface and yes, laid out in the open for all eyes to see. 

Make yourselves ready. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. Bend low. Repent and make amends, for the Angel of Amends is coming into your towns and into your cities. He is looking to see if your doorposts are covered in the Blood of the Lamb. 

Avail yourselves of the Lamb and his blood and sin no more in the sight of the Lord, and then you shall have no need to fear.  But the days of lament are upon the Body, as I send in Mine Angels to make the Bride ready and glorious, donned in white without spot or wrinkle. 

Wash yourselves in the Blood of Christ. Get your sins cleansed. Lay prostrate before the Lord your God, and then you and thy house will be spared. For as it was in the days of Moses, so shall it be upon the earth again. Each and every house is to come into account. Each and every House is to have their doors bathed in His Precious Blood, and then I will pass over you. 

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